It has not been realized for such a long time. What’s its limitation? Or these three reasons!

It has not been realized for such a long time. What’s its limitation? Or these three reasons!

Influenced by sci-fi blockbusters, many people have a dream to travel through time and space and change the world. Most of the plots in many ancient dramas are the same. The female or male masters, through an opportunity, travel to ancient times by chance, experience all kinds of things in ancient times, and finally find love and return to modern times. The plot is familiar with the heart. However, the reality is cruel, and the travel is a distant dream. That is to say, it can be realized, and there must be many difficulties.

Some people look back on their life before they die and feel regret when they think that they have not done anything meaningful. Some people have not wasted a minute and a second to live their own value. If they could do it all over again, they might be able to live a different life. From birth, everyone means the beginning of life, going through childhood, youth, middle age and old age, and finally going to death. People’s life span is limited and can’t go through the past to the future. It has not been realized for such a long time. What’s its limitation? Or these three reasons!

Three difficult problems in limiting travel through time and space

When it comes to crossing, many people are dubious about its authenticity. If it is impossible to realize, why are there such plots in many TV programs? If it does exist, how can it be realized? Over the past few years, many people have claimed to have come through and made many predictions, which have aroused people’s doubts. Once a scientist said that if human beings can create a space-time machine and surpass the speed of light, they can travel freely through the universe. The speed of light is recognized as the fastest speed, so far, human beings can not build a machine that can surpass the speed of light, only unlimited access.

Not only that, Einstein also said that if humans can find wormholes, or can change time travel. Wormholes are invisible materials. We can’t feel their existence. It’s very difficult to find them. Some people even think that the wormhole is near the black hole. The gravity of the black hole is very strong. If the sun or the earth falls into the black hole, it will be absorbed by its huge gravity, which can be said to be dangerous.

Many people also think that dimensional space limits human beings. Human beings live in three-dimensional space for a long time. It is not possible for three-dimensional creatures to travel through time and space. If human beings can enter a higher dimensional space in the future and have the ability to control time and space, they may be able to travel through it. Of course, some people have extended the concept of parallel world. Parallel world may be the road to two worlds. For various reasons, it limits the pace of human beings. Judging from the current situation, wormholes, exceeding the speed of light, making time machines and so on are all things that human beings are eager to do successfully, but they can not be achieved in a short time.

Moreover, if it is really realized, can it really change the current situation? Instead of thinking about how to go through the past, it’s better to put all your energy and time into the real world, and the most important thing is to live in the present. Crossing time and space is a matter that goes against the laws of nature and may cause a lot of disasters. We have no idea whether it will bring benefits or disadvantages. What’s your understanding of crossing time and space? You can leave a message for interaction.

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