It has only taken human beings hundreds of years, and technology has been so developed. What if it is 100 million years?

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13.8 billion years ago, there was a big bang at a singularity, and then the universe was born. After its birth, the universe expanded rapidly, and at the same time, all kinds of materials and celestial bodies were formed successively. The solar system appeared with the birth of the sun, and the earth was born 4.6 billion years ago.

In the vast universe, there are so many galaxies like the solar system that it is impossible to estimate, and so are the earth like planets like the earth. However, after all kinds of coincidences, the earth is very lucky to become a life planet, and intelligent life humans were born millions of years ago. Since then, the earth, an ordinary life planet, has become a civilized planet. Such a civilized planet may also exist very rarely in the universe.

Millions of years after the birth of human beings, the development process is bumpy and difficult. Early human beings were not the overlord of the earth. It was only after the formation of human civilization 6000 years ago that they really became the overlord of the earth. After thousands of years of development, human civilization finally entered the era of science and technology hundreds of years ago and ushered in a new stage.

The power of science and technology is powerful. It can uncover the mysteries of all things, the mysteries of the universe, and it can defeat nature and even the rules of the universe. It took only a few hundred years for human beings, and technology has been so developed. What if we could give human beings 100 million years of development time? How powerful will human technology be at that time?

It is believed that people in ancient times also fantasized about the development of human beings after thousands of years. Now people naturally fantasize about where human beings will go after thousands of years, tens of thousands or even hundreds of millions of years? No matter how the ancients fancied, their conjecture of modern civilization would be very different from the actual situation. The ancients may have conjectured that today’s human beings can have very fast means of transportation, and can cross the ocean to the west, and reach the remote sky that could not have been reached before.

But it is hard for the ancients to think that the development of science and technology of human beings is far beyond their imagination, and they have been able to go out of the earth, land on the moon and explore the universe. In the same way, the future world imagined by modern people will be very different from the real development in the future. The actual technology may be far beyond our imagination. We now imagine that in the future, human beings will realize the speed of light, but at that time, the speed of light may have been exceeded, and even the faster flight across the interstellar space may also be realized. These are technologies that we can’t imagine now, technologies that can’t exist outside the existing physical system.

Given 100 million years of technological development, how strong will human civilization be? It’s hard to guess. The longer the time span, the lower the accuracy. We may guess that in a few hundred years, nuclear fusion technology will be realized, artificial intelligence will be more powerful, and sub light speed flight may also be realized. These are very likely to be realized, but it is very difficult for us to guess the human technology in 100 million years.

It took human beings hundreds of years to complete their dream of going out of the earth and preliminarily exploring the universe, and the time of 100 million years is tens of thousands of times that of hundreds of years, that is, human beings have experienced tens of thousands of centuries. It’s only a few million years since the birth of mankind. How powerful will human science and technology be if it continues to develop for such a long time?

According to the development potential and speed of human science and technology, science and technology will be powerful beyond our imagination in 100 million years. Science and technology is a comprehensive science, it contains many aspects. Take life science and technology for example. Now scientists have been studying and exploring the mystery of life, trying to find out the factors that affect human life span, so as to achieve immortality.

In the world of 100 million years, human beings may have grasped the secret of life, known the birth of life in the universe, the origin of life on earth and the origin of human beings. Although mastering the mysteries of life does not necessarily lead to immortality, human diseases have left us, and people will not get sick. Even if they get sick occasionally, they will be easily cured. At the same time, human life expectancy will also be greatly increased, which may be tens of times, hundreds of times or even thousands of times higher than today’s life expectancy. Long live the emperor in ancient times. In the future of 100 million years, it is possible for human beings to live 10000 years.

Biotechnology can also promote a new round of human evolution. Through research, scientists have found that although human was born millions of years ago, human evolution has not been evolving. About tens of thousands of years ago, human evolution has basically stopped. According to the normal evolution of nature, it may be millions of years before human beings want to evolve naturally, and the direction of evolution is unknown. Whether it is good or bad is completely determined by nature.

However, the power of science and technology can realize the perfect control of evolution by nature. 100 million years later, biotechnology has become very powerful. After breaking the human gene code, there is no secret for the human body. At that time, we can make gene medicament to realize the re evolution of human beings, make the human body strength and brain realize the qualitative change, and human beings enter a higher stage of life .

In space exploration, it has taken mankind hundreds of years to achieve what we have achieved. Given 100 million years of development, we may have solved the mystery of black holes, dark matter and dark energy. At that time, human technology may have been able to create wormholes and realize space hopping, and star shuttling will no longer be a dream.

With the technology of space hopping and wormhole shuttling, although we may not be able to really travel through the universe, most of the universe can be reached. At that time, the distance of hundreds of light-years or thousands of light-years was not a matter at all, that is, the moment of space jumping. With the ability of interstellar navigation, human colonized planets and immigrant planets are all over the universe.

Of course, we can only guess what the human world will be like in 100 million years. If something unexpected happens in the future development of human beings, it is possible that in 100 million years, they will lose science and technology and return to the stage of primitive civilization. Maybe someone will say, how can this kind of thing be possible? The great physicist Einstein once made such a prediction: “I don’t know what kind of weapons the third world will use, but the fourth World War may use wooden sticks and stone tools.”.

Einstein’s prediction actually tells us that the development of human science and technology is more and more advanced, which is a good thing and also a dangerous thing. If peace can continue, it is good to say that once there is a war in the future, it may be a disaster for the whole human civilization.

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