It is a good thing for China to launch a satellite to clean up garbage. Why are other countries worried?

There has been a change in the sky above the earth, surrounded by space garbage, these garbage are moving around the earth, this scene is really worrying. If the launched rocket and the probe are collided by the space garbage and fall to the earth, it will have an indelible impact on human beings.

Since the beginning of the last century, mankind has embarked on the journey of exploring the universe. There are many abandoned satellites and detectors in the space garbage that are running over the earth. When the astronauts look back at the earth in space, the earth is not as blue as it used to be. Space waste has become a threat to the earth’s civilization. Therefore, various countries have also formulated new plans to clean up space waste. However, the cost and time required to clean up space waste are still very high, and the work is too difficult. Even the United States, Japan and other countries are not willing to take the lead.

A big move of our country

China’s Beidou navigation satellite system is still very valuable. Therefore, in order to make the Beidou satellite work normally and cover a wider area, China can only do its best to clean a clean area for Beidou satellite. Therefore, China has developed a satellite, which can clean up space garbage. This is known as aolong-1. If enough time can be given to aolong-1, it will be possible for it to collect the discarded fragments of the probe and clean up the space garbage completely.

Why are developed countries worried?

It can be said that China’s move has made a great contribution to the aerospace industry of all mankind. Just as China is preparing to let alon-1 begin to show its talents, NASA of the United States is restless. They even think that alon-1 will interfere with the satellites of other countries and affect the normal communication of other countries. Xiaobian is also puzzled by this. Why does aolong-1 interfere with the signals of other countries when its mission is to clean up space garbage?

From the standpoint of the United States and other countries, their concern seems justifiable. After all, every country has its own secrets and national day. If it is stolen by other countries, this country will certainly face a severe situation. However, since ancient times, China has advocated peace and win-win situation, and will not interfere with other countries’ satellites The heart of some villains is the belly of a gentleman.

The reason why China has done this is to clean up the space garbage. If these space garbage continue to run over the earth, it will be a stumbling block to the human space industry. If every country can work together to develop a garbage cleaning plan, it should not be so worried.

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