It is a new earth, less than 5 light-years away from the earth, with water and atmosphere, which may be suitable for human survival

After the big bang, countless galaxies and planets were born. The solar system is only one of them. The earth is one of the eight planets in the solar system. The earth is different from other planets because it gave birth to intelligent life.

The birth of human beings has upgraded the earth to a civilized planet. Human beings are a great civilization. They have gradually become the master of the world and the new overlord of the earth. Once upon a time, people dreamed that one day they could fly to the sky and see what the starry sky looked like. This dream was finally realized not long after mankind opened the era of scientific and technological development.

With the rapid development of human science and technology, people’s quality of life continues to improve, and human civilization has undergone earth shaking changes. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages. The rapid development of science and technology makes the earth’s resources consume rapidly, and the earth’s environment is constantly destroyed. A large number of industrial emissions make the earth’s atmospheric environment worse and worse, and the greenhouse effect makes the global temperature no longer rise.

The rapid consumption of resources and the constant destruction of the environment all show that the earth is accelerating the consumption of its own life. Sooner or later, the earth will no longer be suitable for human survival. At that time, if human civilization wants to continue, it has to migrate to other planets suitable for human survival.

For the future of human civilization, scientists have been looking for a new earth, but the only planet in the solar system that is naturally suitable for human survival is earth. Although scientists regard Mars as a planet for human migration, Mars needs to undergo a series of transformation to be suitable for human survival. However, it is not easy to transform Mars into a suitable planet like the earth. It is still unknown whether it can be achieved with human technology.

Therefore, while scientists continue to study and explore Mars, they are also actively looking for a new natural earth suitable for human survival outside the solar system. Through astronomical telescopes, scientists have explored the planets within 1000 light-years around the solar system and found at least hundreds of earth like planets that are very similar to the earth, which also tells us that the earth like planets in the Milky way are similar to the earth There are so many stars that it is impossible to estimate. There are exactly the same planets as the earth.

However, the diameter of the Milky way is 200000 light-years. Although there are many earth like planets similar to the earth in such a wide range, due to the limitation of human science and technology, we can not reach the distant planets. It is doomed that for a long time in the future, we will only be able to find a new earth not too far away from the earth that is suitable for human survival.

In April 2018, scientists launched the latest exploration satellite “Tess”, which soon discovered a new earth like planet. The new earth is about 4.8 light-years away from the earth, less than 5 light-years away, which is a very short distance on the cosmic scale. Although we can’t reach it at present, we believe it can be achieved in the future.

The newly discovered earth like planet is very similar to the earth, with water and atmosphere on it, and is also in the habitable zone. It is so similar to the earth that it is jokingly called pirated earth by scientists. However, the size of this planet is 1.6 times that of the earth, and its mass is also larger than that of the earth.

The discovery of a new earth at such a close distance by the probe has excited scientists. It is the closest to the earth among all the earth like planets discovered by scientists. It is of great significance. However, the current distance of 4.8 light years is still an insurmountable distance for human beings.

In addition to distance, scientists have another worry, that is, whether there is life or even alien civilization on this earth like planet that is so similar to the earth. Although the living conditions of extraterrestrial life may be completely different from that of earth life, the possibility of life on earth like planets based on the earth will be very great.

If there is life on this new earth, it will undoubtedly hinder the future migration plan of human beings. If this earth like planet has not yet born intelligent life and civilization, the impact may not be big. If there is intelligent life and civilization, and it has developed into the interstellar age, then human beings will have no hope to immigrate to that planet, and we can only give up looking for others It’s our planet.

Of course, these are just conjectures. If you want to determine whether there is life or alien civilization on this earth like planet, you can only observe it when spacecraft or explorers are close. If we want to reach the new earth only 4.8 light-years away, the speed of the spaceship must at least reach sub light speed. Otherwise, with the fastest speed of human spaceship, it will take more than 100000 years to reach.

In the universe, speed is always the king. Without the advantage of speed, we can’t get out of the solar system and migrate to the earth like planets. However, if we want to solve the problem of spacecraft speed, we must solve the problem of energy. Only with more powerful energy can the speed of spacecraft be improved by leaps and bounds. With the development of human energy, controllable nuclear fusion may be the first thing to be realized in the future.

If we master the controllable nuclear fusion technology in the future, we can produce a nuclear fusion engine, and the speed of the spacecraft may reach the speed of sub light. In this way, we have the hope to leave the solar system and go to the new earth 4.8 light years away. At that time, we can see the situation of this earth, whether it is suitable for human survival, and whether there is life and intelligent civilization on the planet It will be clear at a glance.

Of course, when the speed of the spaceship can reach sub light speed, the scope of our exploration will expand a lot. We can reach within tens of light years. We can find many earth like planets similar to the earth. The human migration plan will also be in full swing. The pace of human beings will go out of the solar system, and human civilization will enter a new era.

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