It is a new type of energy, China’s reserves of the world’s first, is the future of human important resources

The earth is not only a planet of life, but also a planet rich in resources. Without the birth of human beings, no matter how rich the earth’s resources are, animals have no wisdom to exploit those resources. Only after the birth of human beings, began to gradually use those resources on earth.

Especially when human beings enter the era of scientific and technological development, the demand for resources is also growing, and the rapid development of science and technology needs a lot of resources. With the exploitation and application of a large number of resources, although human science and technology is improving rapidly, the combustion of these energy resources releases a large number of greenhouse gases and other harmful gases, which begin to gradually destroy the earth’s ecological environment.

I believe many friends can really feel that in recent years, the ecological deterioration of the earth is getting faster and faster. The most obvious thing is that the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is constantly rising, and the global temperature is constantly rising. The reason why the ecological environment is getting worse and worse is mainly because the energy that people have been using is basically coal, oil, natural gas and other chemical energy.

These traditional chemical resources will release a lot of harmful gases when burning, including carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. If we do not control and limit these traditional chemical energy sources with serious pollution, the earth’s ecosystem may collapse in a short time. At that time, the earth will no longer be suitable for human survival. If human beings have not been able to carry out interstellar migration at that time, it will be the end of civilization to greet human beings.

Therefore, scientists have been looking for new energy sources that can replace traditional chemical energy for a long time. After the exploration and search of scientists, we finally found a new type of energy, which is combustible ice. Maybe someone will say, isn’t solar energy cleaner? There is no pollution at all, but in fact, although solar energy is good, we have very low utilization efficiency of it.

The solar system is indeed a very ideal clean energy without pollution, but at present, with human science and technology, it can not really play the role of solar energy, and can only use a small part of its energy, which can not meet the needs and development of human beings. In order to find alternative new energy, first of all, the reserves should be large, then the energy intensity should be large, which can not be less than the energy release of coal, oil and other energy.

Combustible ice fully meets the requirements of human beings. First of all, it is rich in reserves, which may be even more abundant than the reserves of oil. Secondly, the energy released by its combustion is also very huge, which is no less than the energy released by the combustion of oil and natural gas. So what is combustible ice?

Combustible ice is actually the frozen deposit of methane and water, also known as the natural gas hydrate. It is an ice like crystalline substance formed by natural gas and water under high pressure and low temperature. It is also called “combustible ice” because it looks like ice and can burn in case of fire.

The appearance of combustible ice looks like a piece of ice. It is a solid crystalline substance like coal, except that one is black and the other is white crystalline. Combustible ice looks like ice, but it’s not ice. It can burn as fast as coal, and its combustion is lower. It’s easier to burn than coal, and it releases more energy than coal.

Of course, combustible ice is not a completely clean and pollution-free energy, its combustion products are carbon dioxide and water, and it will also have greenhouse gas emissions. However, compared with coal, oil and natural gas and other traditional chemical energy, it is already very clean. Only carbon dioxide can bring a certain greenhouse effect. The burning of coal, oil and natural gas not only releases carbon dioxide, but also other toxic gases. The damage to the earth’s ecological environment is not just the greenhouse effect.

In the current proven production of combustible ice resources, China’s combustible ice reserves rank the first in the world, which is more than twice of China’s natural gas content. This does not sound like a lot, but you can make a comparison. China’s combustible ice content is equivalent to 80 billion tons of oil. If these are fully exploited, it will be compared with Saudi Arabia, which ranks the first in terms of oil production If it is used in China, it can be used for at least 200 years.

China has such rich reserves of combustible ice. Once the future mining technology is mature and commercialized, China will become the world’s resource hegemony and a resource power. With the continuous abandonment and reduction of traditional chemical energy in the future, the status of combustible ice as a new type of energy will be higher and higher, and finally it will completely replace coal, oil, natural gas and other resources.

In fact, if the technology of combustible ice is very mature and commercial exploitation can be realized, coal and oil will be eliminated soon. Unfortunately, the exploitation of combustible ice is much more difficult than oil exploitation, and its main reserves come from the deep sea. It is very difficult to establish a channel from the deep sea to extract combustible ice.

The exploitation of combustible ice is not the same as the exploitation of oil. The establishment of a pipeline can pump up the oil in the deep sea. Combustible ice is solid, and its ignition point is low. If there is no safety measures, it may cause combustible ice to leak and burn. Once it burns on the sea, it will cause great harm, release a lot of carbon dioxide, aggravate the greenhouse effect, and cause unimaginable damage to the ecosystem.

Therefore, the large-scale exploitation of combustible ice must wait until the mining technology is very mature, so as to safely exploit the combustible ice in the deep sea. Of course, this time won’t be long. I believe it won’t be many years before all of us can use combustible ice. At that time, we don’t have to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning when using coal, or natural gas poisoning when using natural gas.

The combustion of combustible ice will not produce any toxic gas, but will only release the carbon dioxide and water that we normally breathe. Therefore, in addition to being burned carefully, we need not worry about gas poisoning. Of course, combustible ice is only a kind of transitional clean energy, which can replace the traditional chemical energy with serious pollution. Let the earth’s ecological environment temporarily slow down, slow down the deterioration of the earth’s ecology.

The combustion of combustible ice will also release carbon dioxide, which will also cause the greenhouse effect. Therefore, it is not the ultimate clean and pollution-free energy for human beings. The clean and pollution-free energy for human beings should be controlled nuclear fusion. It will not produce any pollution. Once the controllable nuclear fusion technology is realized, it can completely replace any resources on the earth.

The energy of controllable nuclear fusion is beyond our imagination. The core of a star is a nuclear fusion reactor, which brings powerful energy to the star. Nuclear fusion energy is completely clean energy, it will not release any harmful gases, will not cause the greenhouse effect. Only nuclear fusion energy is the hope of the earth, and it can restore the earth to the past beautiful environment with suitable temperature.

Although people are looking forward to nuclear fusion energy, it is not so difficult to realize it. Human beings have been studying and exploring nuclear fusion technology for about 100 years, but the achievements are still tiny. Scientists estimate that it will take another 100 years for human beings to realize the initial application of controllable nuclear fusion technology in an ideal state. If it is not smooth, it will not take another 1000 years It can be achieved.

Before the controllable nuclear fusion technology is realized, we can only use combustible ice as a relatively clean energy to replace coal, oil and natural gas. It is estimated that there is no problem in using the earth’s combustible ice reserves for hundreds of years. When the consumption of combustible ice is rapidly completed, it is possible that controllable nuclear fusion technology will also be realized, and human beings will completely get rid of the energy dilemma.

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