It is a super creature, able to survive in a variety of harsh environments, there is only one way to deal with it

The earth is a beautiful, species rich planet of life. Since the birth of early primitive life 3.8 billion years ago, the earth does not know how many kinds of life have been born. After continuous evolution, the life world with rich species has come into being.

The evolution of life is actually a process of constantly adapting to the environment. With the progress of evolution, life becomes more and more complex, and its resistance to the environment is also strengthening. In a word, the road of life evolution is actually the road of growth, which is to advance to a higher life.

In ancient times, the earth also had a variety of powerful life, but the ability of these theories of life to adapt to the environment and the tenacious ability of life are far from being comparable with the life of today. Some people may say that the dinosaur 65 million years ago was a giant, its power surpasses all life now.

Yes, in terms of power, dinosaurs are indeed the dominant creatures, which can be said to be the largest since the birth of life on earth. They are very powerful. No life can defeat dinosaurs in terms of strength. However, in terms of environmental adaptability, dinosaurs are far behind most modern creatures.

The impact of an asteroid 65 million years ago triggered a great ecological change on the earth. In such a great ecological change, dinosaurs all over the world went extinct. What an incredible thing. If dinosaurs were only distributed in a very limited area, it would be normal for asteroid impact to destroy dinosaurs.

However, dinosaurs 65 million years ago can be found in all corners of the earth, and they are very widely distributed. Due to the ecological changes caused by asteroid impact, it is impossible to exterminate global dinosaurs under normal circumstances. But the real result is that dinosaurs are extinct. The main reason is that although dinosaurs are very powerful, their ability to adapt to the environment is very weak. As long as there are some major changes in ecological things, dinosaurs can not adapt and can only die out.

After the extinction of dinosaurs, the survival of life continues to evolve. After 65 million years of evolution, there is the present biological world. So, from the aspect of adapting to the environment, life now far exceeds all kinds of creatures in ancient times. So what is the most tenacious life on earth today? Some people may say that human beings are the overlord of the earth and the advanced life standing at the top of the food chain. Then human beings should be the most tenacious life on the earth?

If you think so, it’s a big mistake. Although human beings are advanced intelligent life, our physical quality is far less than that of many creatures in nature. So who is the most tenacious life among all the creatures on earth? Many people may not have heard of the name of this creature. It has a very wonderful name: water bear.

Water bear, or water bear worm, is a common name for Tardigrada. Since there is a bear in its name, is it a powerful creature like a bear? If you think so, it’s wrong. In fact, although the water bear has a more aggressive name, its appearance is not aggressive at all, and it’s a very small creature.

How small is it? Most of them are between 50 microns and 1.4 mm, and even larger ones will not exceed 2 mm. It’s because the water bears are so small that we need a magnifying tool to see them clearly. The water bear is not like a bear or an insect in appearance. It can be said that it is a “four not like”. Its head contains four somites, its body has four pairs of feet, and its limbs end with claws and accretion disks. On the whole, it looks a bit ferocious and strange.

Although the water bear is very small, but don’t underestimate it. If you give a list of the tenacity of life on earth, the water bear is definitely worthy of the first place. It can survive in a variety of harsh environments. The tenacious survival ability of this creature is beyond our imagination. Scientists have carried out various survival experiments on it. For example, in extremely arid environment, they can survive for thousands of years.

It can survive for 2 minutes at – 272 ℃ and 151 ℃, for several days at – 200 ℃ and for at least 30 years at – 20 ℃. It can withstand the dose of ionizing radiation, hundreds of times the lethal dose of human. The pressure that can resist is about 6 times the pressure of the deepest trench at present. Under the same pressure, people may be pressed to deformation.

What’s more incredible is that water bears can survive in a vacuum and high radiation environment like space for a period of time. In 2007, a space experiment showed that it could survive for 10 days when exposed to vacuum and radiation. In 2017, some scientists even wrote that they think that they are enough to survive asteroid impact, supernova explosion, gamma ray explosion and other disasters that destroy the sky and the earth. It can be said that the sun does not explode and they will not hang up.

It is because of the tenacious vitality of water bears that their footprints can be said to spread all over the earth. We can see them in the mountains, in the sea of fire, in the sea of more than 4000 meters deep, and in the interior of the earth. As for the water bear, which is known as “the strongest creature on the earth”, most of the environment can’t kill them. Many people are very worried about whether they will flood or even occupy the earth in the future?

It seems absurd to worry about this. In fact, it’s not impossible to think about it carefully. If the earth ushers in another mass extinction event in the future, when other creatures on the earth, including human beings, are extinct, the water bear is the most likely to survive. Once there is no such overlord as human beings, it is not impossible for water bears to become the new overlord of the earth through continuous evolution.

Moreover, through research and exploration, scientists have found that water bears have been on the earth for at least 500 million years, that is, they appeared on the earth 500 million years ago. In the 500 million years of the earth’s life, however, there have been many mass extinctions, and other kinds of organisms have disappeared, but the water bear has not been greatly affected.

If we say who is the longest living creature in the life history of the earth, it is the water bear. At present, there are more than millions of creatures on the earth. I’m afraid none of them can match the existence time of water bear. However, from the continuous development of more than 500 million years of water bears, they do not seem to have the desire to dominate the earth, just want to live a simple and tenacious life.

Of course, if one day in the future, water bears really threaten the survival of human beings, perhaps there is another way to eliminate them, that is to give full play to the nature of human food. We should know that the most powerful ability of human beings is to eat. No matter how tenacious and terrifying this creature is on earth, we should be willing to bow down to human’s ability to eat.

Of course, the above is just a joke for us. The draught bears are too small for us. For human beings, the existence of water bear is of great significance. Since it has such a strong survival ability, it shows that there must be a secret in the gene sequence of water bear.

As long as we continue to solve the genetic mystery of water bear through genetic technology, we may be able to find the genetic secret that water bear can adapt to various harsh environments. At that time, we may be able to implant this gene into the human body, so that the human body also has tenacious vitality and can survive in a variety of harsh environments.

We need to know that in the future, human beings are bound to go to the starry sky. On the way to explore the universe, we need to survive in space for a long time. It is difficult to adapt to the harsh space environment with the present physical quality of human beings. More importantly, we will colonize other planets in the future, and different planets, even if they are habitable, are unlikely to achieve the same ecological environment as the earth.

Without a strong body adaptability, as long as the environment of this planet is a little different from that of the earth, human beings may not be able to adapt. Therefore, from the perspective of the future of human civilization, we should break the secret of water bear. Perhaps in the near future, scientists can get inspiration from water bear, so as to develop powerful genetic agents, make everyone become Superman, and go to the stars to explore the universe.

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