It is also a prehistoric giant. It is no stronger than dinosaurs. Why can it survive so far?

What do dinosaurs rely on to survive after many migrations?

Before the birth of mankind, we knew nothing about the early Earth and did not understand its real situation. What is certain is that at that time, the earth was occupied by countless monsters, such as dinosaurs. The age of dinosaurs 65 million years ago was its most glorious period. Dinosaurs with almost no natural enemies lived carefree on the earth. They could easily get what they wanted to eat, and no one could do anything about it. However, a natural disaster took the lives of dinosaurs, and suddenly they died It’s unexpected to disappear.

There are crocodiles, sharks and other creatures with the same lethality as dinosaurs. With their own advantages, they occupy a place on the earth, and almost no creature can compete with them. In addition to dinosaurs, there is another kind of creature called crocodile. It has a long history on the earth. It has not been extinct due to the migration of environment and the great change of weather. So how does it survive so far? What do dinosaurs rely on to survive after many migrations?

The gap between dinosaurs and crocodiles

As we all know, dinosaurs are carnivorous animals with amazing bite force. Once they lock their prey, they can instantly tear it apart. Dinosaurs and it are in the same age, dinosaurs have disappeared, it can resolutely and ran the survival so far, many people think it has its own housekeeping skills. The most convincing explanation for the disappearance of dinosaurs is the impact of asteroids, which caused too many natural disasters, such as volcanoes, earthquakes, etc. the earth became barren. Many tiny particles entered the atmosphere and were easy to block the sun’s light. Creatures that had not been exposed to the sun for a long time would soon die.

Although dinosaur has a huge body, it consumes a lot of energy every day. In this case, it can’t find enough prey to feed itself. It will lose its life because of food shortage. Crocodile and dinosaur live in different ways. It mainly lives in humid areas and has little food in this environment. In order to adapt to this environment, it can only reduce the metabolic function of the body Yes, it can ensure the operation of body function with very little power, which makes it easy to relieve hunger for a long time.

How do crocodiles survive today?

According to scientists, an adult crocodile does not need to eat for three years after it is full, which is much better than a dinosaur. In fact, it can be understood that if crocodiles don’t do this, it may end up like dinosaurs. In a bad environment, they change their body functions in order to continue to live. Most crocodiles have the ability to fight hunger, which has been flowing down a long time ago.

It can be seen that many organisms can survive after several mass extinctions, and it has its own unique advantages. Although there are not many kinds of crocodiles, they have not gone extinct like dinosaurs. They are much smarter than dinosaurs. When any creature is faced with environmental challenges, there is a gap that is difficult to cross. If it can cross the past, it will have unlimited possibilities. If it can’t cross the past, it will only have one possibility, that is, extinction. So does the law of nature. Do you think crocodiles have other abilities to survive? You can leave a message for interaction.

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