It is an earth like planet, very similar to the earth, and has a great possibility of life

The universe is vast, with countless galaxies and planets, and the solar system is only one of the hundreds of billions of galaxies in the Milky way. However, the solar system is also an extraordinary galaxy, because it gave birth to the earth, the planet of intelligent life.

Soon after the birth of the earth, it became a noble planet of life. After countless evolution and growth, human beings were born millions of years ago. The emergence of human beings has brought an upgrade to the earth, upgrading the planet of life to a planet of civilization. The rise of human industrial revolution makes human civilization sublimate again. After entering the road of scientific and technological development, human civilization also ushered in rapid development.

Under the guidance of science and technology, human beings went out of the earth and began to explore the universe. Only when they came out of the earth did they realize the vastness of the universe and understand that the earth is just a grain of dust in the universe. There are many planets like the earth in the universe. Scientists invented the telescope and began to explore the way to find earth like planets.

Many earth like planets have been found in the efforts of scientists. Some of them are very similar to the earth. For example, a planet named hd85512b is very similar to the earth. This is an earth like planet in Vela, which is about 36 light away from the earth and orbits around an orange dwarf star.

This planet is one of the closest exoplanets to the earth that scientists have found so far. It is also a planet in the habitable zone, with a mass of 3.6 times that of the earth. The most interesting thing about this planet is that it has at least 50% cloud coverage, which is exciting news.

Many people may not know the significance of the cloud coverage rate of 50%. It is of great significance to know that the cloud coverage rate of the earth is about 60%. The higher the cloud coverage rate is, the higher the similarity with the earth is, and the more likely it is to adapt to human survival. Such a high cloud coverage means that the temperature of the planet’s surface may be around 25 degrees Celsius, there is a great possibility of the existence of oxygen, and there is a great possibility of the existence of liquid water.

It can be said that this is an earth like planet which is very close to the earth’s ecosystem. Except that its gravity is larger than that of the earth, other planets may be very similar to the earth. However, while scientists are happy to find such a perfect planet, they are also worried about another problem, which is the existence of extraterrestrial life.

If this planet has the same ecosystem and environment as the earth, does it mean that it may have given birth to life? Naturally, this possibility is very great. Although scientists also understand that the environmental conditions required by extraterrestrial life may not be the same as that of life on earth, life is more likely to be born on a planet very similar to the earth.

If this earth like planet has given birth to life, it will be a great obstacle for human beings to immigrate to this planet in the future. If it is just some primitive planets that have not yet given birth to intelligent life, it is OK to say, but if this planet has given birth to intelligent life and formed its own civilization, if human beings immigrate to this planet, there may be interstellar war.

Of course, this is just an optimistic prediction of scientists. There is also a more terrible worry, that is, the civilization strength of this planet may be much stronger than that of the earth. Why do you say that? Through observation, scientists found that the star system hd85512b is older than the solar system. The age of the star is 1 billion years older than the sun, and the earth like planet is about 1 billion years older than the earth.

One billion years is a huge gap. It is only 4.6 billion years since the birth of the earth and millions of years since the emergence of human beings. If intelligent life has already been born on this planet, their civilization development time may be much longer than that of human beings, and the huge gap in time may represent the huge gap in strength.

Now, human beings have discovered the existence of this earth like planet through astronomical telescopes. Does the possible alien civilization on this earth like planet also discover the existence of the earth? If the alien civilizations have discovered the existence of the earth and their scientific and technological strength has the ability to carry out interstellar navigation, will they send spaceships to the solar system? Is this a blessing or a curse for the earth and mankind?

You know, the distance of 36 light-years is an insurmountable distance for human beings. However, in the cosmic scale, 36 light-years may only be equivalent to 36 meters on earth, which is a very short distance. When a civilization has the ability of interstellar navigation, 36 light-years will not take long to reach easily.

Of course, these are just some conjectures of scientists. We don’t know what’s going to happen on hd85512b. The only thing we know is its general planetary environment and whether there is life and alien civilization. Only when human beings realize sub light speed or light speed flight in the future, can we send probes or spacecraft to close-up observation The truth about the planet will come out.

If the final exploration shows that the environment of this earth like planet is similar to that of the earth, and it is suitable for human survival, and there is no intelligent life and civilization, it will be a very exciting news for human beings. We should know that the earth’s environment is deteriorating step by step, and resources are rapidly consumed. In the future, it may be a general trend for human beings to go out of the earth and emigrate to other planets. As long as we can find an earth like planet like the earth, we believe that the immigration plan will start.

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