it is beyond logic and above reason! British scientists found the brain 2600 years ago in the ruins, and it is still “alive”

Every organ of the human body is very important, but when it comes to the most important organ, it’s the brain. The brain is the main part of all our organs. Under the control of the brain, other organs can achieve a perfect fit, and can do some activities, including your sensory system.

If the brain dies, then humans are no different from vegetarians. Stephen Hawking, a famous British physicist, is paralyzed and unable to speak. Only the three fingers in his hand can move, but his brain is active. That’s why he can overcome difficulties and make such great achievements in cosmology and black holes.

And humans are at the top of the food chain because we have brains. Therefore, scientists are very curious about the human brain. They think the brain is very mysterious and want to study it. Just as he wanted to steal away Einstein’s brain, he was eager to study it.

At present, scientists are trying to use high technology to connect the brain to see if the brain can control the machine according to people’s own ideas. Therefore, if scientists want to study the brain, then the brain must be active. If the brain dies, there will be no thinking activity, then all this will be in vain.

You know, water accounts for a large part of the human brain, and the rest is fat. That is to say, when a person dies and is buried in the soil, the brain will quickly evaporate water and gradually become a skeleton. This is the most normal process of change, but there are exceptions to everything.

In August 2008, British archaeologists found an ancient relic in Yorkshire, where they found a human skull. However, the brain in the skull caught the eyes of archaeologists. They thought it was incredible. What’s the matter? Keep looking down!

On entering the site, archaeologists first inspected the surrounding area and later found a piece of stagnant water. When they touched a very hard object in stagnant water, at first they thought it was a cultural relic. However, when they took out the black object, they were startled. This is a human skull in a deep pit. When they cleaned the soil on it, they found that there was a bright yellow tofu residue like substance in the skull.

At first, they thought it was because of too long time, so there was some fungus in the skull. However, when they took it back to the laboratory for further analysis, the results were very surprising, because the substance was actually the brain.

Archaeologists have dated and identified the skull and found that the brain has a history of more than 2600 years. Generally speaking, if the corpse has been released for more than 2000 years, not to mention the brain, even the skeleton may have been weathered away. However, the brain is still so “fresh”. Even under the detection of spectral analysis and molecular technology, the neuroproteins in the brain are still active. This is too unusual I think about it.

Of course, the fact that neuroproteins are active doesn’t mean the brain is alive, but it’s enough to inspire Archaeology and medicine. After all, there were active brains 2600 years ago, which is of great value to the study of human brain evolution and preservation technology.

As for how the brain can “live” to this day, experts speculate that this may be related to the environment in which it is buried. At that time, after the skull was cut off, it might be quickly thrown into a deep pit with spring water and sealed up with soil. To some extent, the skull is isolated from oxygen and microorganisms, forming a small natural closed sterile space. That’s why it’s so lucky to be preserved.

There are so many mysteries in the world, whether man-made or natural, which are amazing. If we can find out all the secrets of the earth, it will be a big step for mankind to enter the interstellar age!

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