It is clear that there are no sea monsters, but there are sea monsters on the map of ancient Europe. Why?

In ancient Europe, maps are very strange, mysterious and vivid, because people who draw maps often draw some creatures on monotonous maps. In addition to the large whales, sharks, squid and so on, there are many strange things with strange shapes that people seem to have never seen before. It is said that they are legendary sea monsters.

Mermaids in the West have always been the most legendary sea monsters. They appear in the bow of sailors in the form of beautiful women. They can sing extremely beautiful songs. The songs can charm all the people on the ship. People will have confusion in thinking, do incredible things, or jump into the sea to pursue Mermaids, or lose their navigation direction. In the end, few people will come back safely. As we all know, with the development and cognition of the underwater world, people seem to have found the prototype dugong of the mermaid. And giant sea snakes, giant squid and other creatures are real. So, are all the monsters drawn on the map really showing the distribution of these sea monsters? The chart published in the 16th century is composed of nine engravings, with a width of nearly 1.5 meters. In the chart, people can see many sea monsters, and a leviathan (the legendary name of sea monsters, suspected of giant sea snakes) entwined a sea boat, its bloody mouth is eating the sailors who fell into the water. This is a horrible and bloody scene, especially for the sailors to see It’s going to shudder. In fact, in addition to the “chart”, many foreign documents and maps have recorded the legend of people meeting all kinds of sea monsters. Even on the logo of Starbucks, people can see the image of a mermaid. This Mermaid even grabs her two tails flexibly. People judge that this is not a simple Mermaid, because it is speculated that the mermaid can’t make such an action, and if it is a squid, this action is very simple.

American researchers believe that the sea monsters drawn in ancient maps truly reflect their frequent locations, so as to warn sailors to avoid them. In addition, these images are also drawn for decoration to make the ocean world look more vivid. So, are there sea monsters in the world? What they look like? There are different legends all over the world. Maybe sea monsters are just some huge and various kinds of sea creatures that people encounter in the process of sailing. Because of their huge size or their normal predation, they inadvertently create people’s shipwrecks.

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