It is found that there are quantum properties in the universe. Does parallel universe exist? Scientists give the answer

I don’t know if you have ever thought about such a question. Is our universe really unique? Will there be another universe, or many of the same and different universes? For example, in different universes, there will be one you, but your destiny has different endings in different universes.

This is called “parallel universe” by scientists, which refers to the universe of parallel forces. It is a pure elementary particle universe generated by parallel forces, and forms a multiverse theory with the known gravitational planet universe. So the multiverse contains a variety of different interaction universes.

In the 1950s, when some physicists observed the quantum, they found that the quantum state of each observation was different. Since all matter in the universe is made up of quanta, scientists have speculated that since each quantum has a different state, the universe may be made up of many similar universes rather than just one.

In 1954, Everett, a physicist at Princeton University in the United States, put forward his own view on quantum measurement. He believes that in quantum mechanics, there are many parallel worlds. In each world, the results of each quantum mechanical measurement are different, so different histories occur in different parallel universes.

In other words, the universe we live in is not the only one. There are more than one new universe separated from a certain universe. In these universes, there are exactly the same resource conditions, but the development paths of all people and things in them are completely opposite. For example, you are a mediocre ordinary person in our universe, while in other parallel universes, you are indeed a respected superhero.

If you are faced with life choices, you can move forward or go back. But according to the parallel universe theory, no matter what choices you make, the current universe will split into two different results. In short, we all live in the multiverse of countless universes.

There are many sci-fi films and TV works about parallel universe. In the edge of crisis, which Xiaobian has seen, it tells the story of a scientist’s son (male owner) crossing the boundaries of time and space and a female agent saving the world.

However, theoretically, different parallel universes should be independent and non-interference with each other. However, male masters can come to the current space-time from another space-time, which involves the effect of coherence and decoherence.

For the coherent effect, quantum mechanics often explains it from the nature of the wave, but here, we only need to understand it according to the literal meaning. After the word coherence is extended, it means mutual interference; while decoherence means mutual non-interference, which makes the parallel universes develop independently without any correlation.

So, how many parallel universes are there?

According to the theory of parallel universe, if there is infinite time, there are as many as 10 ^ 10 ^ 50 parallel universes in total, and their initial conditions may be very similar to our universe.

Although the parallel universe is only a hypothesis of scientists, if we can find and find relevant evidence to prove it in the future, then everything about physics will be overturned again!

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