It is known as the “sea of death”, but there is a lot of living water out of thin air. Does it have to be reborn?

It is known as the “sea of death”, but there is a lot of living water out of thin air. Does it have to be reborn?

While human beings are constantly evolving, the earth is being devastated. Compared with the earth in the past, the face of the earth today is no longer what it used to be. Due to the excessive exploitation of resources, deforestation, emission of pollutants and other behaviors, the earth has become miserable, and even many resources have been exhausted. If it continues, these resources will disappear one day, many of them are non renewable resources.

Before human beings have found alternatives to these resources, everyone should establish a sense of protection and not easily waste them. Once these resources disappear, human beings will go extinct in the future. Nowadays, the available resources on the earth are decreasing, and even the most water resources are in short supply. As we all know, water is the source of life. No living thing can live without water. Everyone has to take in a lot of water every day. Once the water is insufficient, the mechanism of the body will also be affected. It is known as the “sea of death”, but there is a lot of living water out of thin air. Does it have to be reborn?

Scientists have been embarrassed, especially in the northwest, where the climate is very bad and the water is dry all the year round. In the northwest, Lop Nor is called the sea of death. The reason why it has this title is that almost no one lives here and no vegetation can be seen. Even if there are creatures living here, they can’t live for a few days, which is recorded in historical books Lop Nor used to be a prosperous place, where countless people live. Unfortunately, with the increasing shortage of water resources, people have to leave in order to survive.

The local climate in Lop Nur is getting worse and worse. Due to the perennial dryness, Lop Nur has become a desert. No one dares to come here any more. Not only Lop Nur, but also many areas with bad environment on the earth are inaccessible. Some time ago, a satellite took a picture of Lop Nur. In the case of Lop Nur, which has always been dry, a large amount of water resources appeared, which made scientists wonder why there are so many water resources out of thin air? Where does it come from?

It is understood that there are a large number of potash mines in Lop Nur. In order to extract potash mines, human beings can only exploit groundwater. For a long time, salt water lakes have been formed in the past. Now Lop Nur has a new source of water. It’s a good thing. Maybe Lop Nur can return to its original appearance, but it’s a pity that human behavior is not controlled and people still overcharge Lop Nur’s resources Source, without considering its feelings. Now the water resources in Lop Nur are decreasing. One day, it will enter the risk of exhaustion and become a forbidden area.

Although human beings have become the masters of the earth, they do not have the appearance of masters. As masters, they should take good care of the earth. No one has ever thought that human beings once destroyed the earth, making many regions face the risk of drought, and even the global warming in the north and South poles. It’s time for human beings to realize the importance of the environment. Otherwise, it’s human beings themselves who regret it in the end, you guys What do you know about Lop Nor? You can leave a message for interaction.

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