It is one of the eight planets in the solar system, the temperature is as high as 500 degrees, acid rain and lightning every day

Human beings have been living on the earth for millions of years, and human civilization has been developing rapidly. Especially after the industrial revolution, science and technology are changing with each passing day. The development of nearly one hundred years has surpassed the development of the past few thousand years. Human civilization has really entered the era of Science and technology explosion, and also opened a new era of space exploration.

The rapid development of human science and technology, but also exacerbated the rapid consumption of life on earth, the planet is also living, with the increasing population of the earth, the deteriorating environment, coupled with the gradual depletion of earth resources, the future of mankind is bound to face the choice of migration. Many people may think that this is too far away, but with the rapid rise of global temperature in recent years, the deterioration of the environment is intensifying. The global temperature rise has brought about the melting of Arctic glaciers. At the same time, the sea level has risen sharply, coastal cities have gradually been submerged, the land area has gradually decreased, the Siberian frozen soil has slowly recovered, and the ancient virus has revived.

This series of problems tell us that there is not much time left for human beings. The famous physicist Hawking once said that human beings must immigrate to other planets within 100 years, which also shows that Hawking also sees that the environment of the earth is deteriorating and the situation is not optimistic. Naturally, scientists also see the crisis of human beings, so it is an urgent task for human beings to speed up the search for another livable planet one of.

The universe is vast and there are countless planets. There must be many earth like planets for human beings to live in. Scientists have found several earth like planets that are very similar to the earth through astronomical telescopes. However, these earth like planets are too far away from the earth, and the most recent one is a few light years away. This is still a distant distance for human beings, so we need to search for them The first goal of a planet that can be used for human migration is to put it in the solar system.

There are eight planets in the solar system, and the planets available for human selection must be placed in the habitable zone. There are only three planets in the habitable zone: Venus, earth and Mars. The nearest planet to the earth is Venus, which can be said to be the Sister star of the earth. Its volume, size and mass are very close to that of the earth. The radius of Venus is about 0.95 times that of the earth, its mass is about 0.8 times that of the earth, and its surface gravity is 0.9 times that of the earth. It is also a rocky planet.

Venus is so similar to the earth, and is closest to the earth. It is supposed to be the first choice planet for human migration, but in fact, Venus is a planet with extremely bad environment. The atmospheric pressure of Venus is 92 times that of the earth, and the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is as high as 96.5%. A large number of greenhouse gases make Venus very hot. The maximum surface temperature can reach 500 degrees, which is the hottest planet besides the sun. How can such a planet survive.

Moreover, in Venus’ thick atmosphere, sulfur dioxide molecules often react with oxygen atoms and water vapor to produce sulfuric acid, which leads to the annual acid rain of Venus. At the same time, lightning occurs for a very long time from time to time. Therefore, when you stand on the surface of Venus, you will see that there is acid rain almost every day, accompanied by terrible lightning. At your feet, there is a high temperature of 500 degrees. Such a planet can only survive It’s formed by purgatory, and human beings can’t survive on it at all. Therefore, scientists later chose Mars as the planet for future human migration. Of course, Mars can’t live directly, and it needs constant and long transformation.

However, Mars is not as good as Venus in many ways. If the temperature on Venus was not too high, Venus would be the best choice for human migration. Scientists are also very confused that Venus has become like this. Venus is in the habitable zone of the solar system, which is similar to the earth in all aspects, and has a thick atmosphere. It should not be like this.

There was a rumor on the Internet that the probe found city ruins on Venus. If so, there is a certain speculation that Venus has become what it is now. Perhaps long ago, Venus was a beautiful planet of life like the earth, and Venus civilization was born. However, with the rapid development of science and technology, the destruction of the environment by Venusians has become increasingly serious, and the greenhouse effect has made the temperature more and more serious The higher the sea water is, the worse the ecological environment will be. It’s possible for Venusians to breathe oxygen long ago.

Seeing Venus like this makes us think of our earth. The earth is also suffering from serious environmental damage. The concentration of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases is getting higher and higher, and the global temperature is also getting higher and higher. Once the temperature exceeds a threshold, the earth’s environment may change dramatically, and it may become the second Venus. Therefore, we should take good care of the environment and protect the environment.

In addition to protecting the environment, we should speed up the exploration of extraterrestrial planets, and strive to find a planet that is completely suitable for human survival. Although Mars can be transformed, it is not an ideal immigrant planet. It is a choice to preserve human kindling when there is no way for human beings in the future.

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