It is possible for human beings to master the superluminal technology in the future. It is no longer a dream to let time flow backwards through time and space

The universe is vast, with countless galaxies and celestial bodies. The universe has endless risks, and it is also a great treasure house. Therefore, human beings are infatuated with the great treasure house of the universe and want to explore it and find treasure. But speed limits our steps. We can only see the unknown mysteries and endless treasures in the deep universe, but we can’t reach them.

The fastest speed on earth is in the unit of sound speed, and the speed of rocket is the fastest, but this speed is very slow in the universe. The distance between stars in the universe is very large, and many distances are in the unit of light speed. Even if you fly at the speed of light, the scope of the universe you can explore is very limited. If you want to really gallop the universe and explore every corner of the universe, you can’t do without a speed faster than the speed of light.

According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, modern physics holds that the speed limit of an object is the speed of light, and there is no theoretical support for exceeding the speed of light. Is it really impossible to go faster than light? Although we can’t find the theoretical basis of superluminal speed, the phenomenon of superluminal speed is real in the universe, and some cosmic phenomena occur at superluminal speed. Scientists have also found the phenomenon of superluminal velocity in some scientific research of nuclear reaction. It can be seen that superluminal velocity really exists. If we want to really realize superluminal velocity, we may have to break the existing physical theory.

We all know that the universe is constantly expanding, and the expansion speed of the universe may exceed the speed of light according to the analysis of scientists. If we don’t have the speed beyond the speed of light, we will never be able to explore the edge of the universe.

However, step by step, we need to realize the speed of light technology, which can be realized in the existing physical theory. When an object reaches the speed of light, time is still. If we fly at the speed of light in a spaceship, even after 1000 years, the actual time is still the same, which is of great significance for human beings to explore the universe.

Since the life span of human beings is only about one hundred years, space exploration needs an infinite life span, and the speed of light can make time stand still. In this way, when we go to a planet hundreds of light years away, we can fly at the speed of light for hundreds of years. The earth may have passed for hundreds of years, but the astronauts in the spaceship are still young, and the time has not changed. This is equivalent to the infinite life span of human beings.

The speed of light can make time static, while the speed of super light can make time reverse. If human beings really master the technology of super light in the future, it is possible to build a time machine and let human beings go back to the past.

And superluminal flight is also an important technology that can really realize the exploration of the universe. The distance between the universe is too far, and the universe is still expanding rapidly every day. If the spaceship does not have the superluminal speed, we will never be able to explore 90% of the space. Only the superluminal speed can make human steps to every corner of the universe, and human beings can reach the edge of the universe Fate, and even out of this side of the universe.

One of the most important technologies to achieve superluminal flight is wormhole manufacturing, which is a theory put forward by many scientists. Natural wormholes may also exist in the universe, but we can’t detect them. And the artificial wormhole is the key to our superluminal flight. Wormhole is a technology that we have only seen in science fiction and movies. We believe that human beings can realize it in reality in the future.

In fact, some scientists speculated that Einstein was studying time travel in his later years. It is said that Einstein also built a machine and did a time travel experiment, which successfully turned back time for a period of time. It’s just that Einstein burned his research notes in his later years before he died, and people don’t know why he did it.

Some people speculate that Einstein may not want to let posterity grasp the secret of space-time travel too early, because Einstein is a peace loving person. Once space-time travel is realized, if history changes and causes butterfly effect, it will cause great disaster to modern space-time and bring crisis to human civilization. Perhaps it was this kind of worry that caused Einstein to burn down his notes in his later years, but this is just a guess. No one knows exactly what the truth is.

However, human civilization is progressing. Our science and technology are developing very fast. In the future, it is not a dream for human beings to develop speed of light technology. It is also possible to go back to the past through time and space. We are looking forward to this day.

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