It is possible that life was born on the moon billions of years ago. Why did it disappear later?

The moon is the only natural satellite of the earth, which has accompanied the earth for billions of years. Due to the relatively large mass and volume of the moon, its existence has a great impact on the earth’s ecosystem. Of course, this kind of influence is a positive side. In the construction of the earth’s early ecosystem, the moon played a great role, and even contributed to the birth and continuation of life on earth.

The understanding and exploration of the moon is something that modern science can do. In the eyes of the ancients, the moon is a very sacred and yearning place. There are the Moon Palace, Chang’e and so on. In the eyes of the ancients, the moon is a life planet. An important reason why people in ancient times had so many illusions about the moon was that the moon was closer to the earth and the things on the moon could be seen more clearly. The ancients may have imagined the scenery on the moon as a beautiful thing, so there were many beautiful legends about the moon.

So is there life on the moon? For human beings who have entered the era of science and technology, they have explored the moon many times. Fifty years ago, human beings successfully landed on the moon. We have a lot of knowledge about the nature of the moon. Now the moon is barren. Without atmosphere and water, there will be no life. However, according to the latest research of scientists, life may have been born on the moon in ancient times, that is, billions of years ago. If so, why did life on the moon disappear later?

Why do scientists speculate that life might have been born on the early moon? It’s all about its formation. There are many views on the origin of the moon in modern science. The mainstream view is the impact theory. About 3.8 billion years ago, a Mars sized celestial body hit the earth laterally, and a large amount of earth material was ejected into the near earth orbit by the impact wave. The Mars sized celestial body was more damaged, and a large number of celestial debris was mixed with the debris ejected from the earth, forming a ring around the earth.

The matter from the two bodies was confused, and slowly began to condense to form the original body. After the formation, the small body began to absorb the matter in the ring, and finally formed the early moon. The early moon was very different from the present one. Through the exploration of scientists, it is found that the resources on the moon are no less abundant than those on the earth, and there are even some resources that are not on the earth, or very rare on the earth, such as helium-3. So where did the moon come from?

If the moon is formed by the impact of the earth and other celestial bodies, then the resources on the moon are composed of the earth and the Mars sized celestial body. And that Mars sized object may not be an ordinary object. Although the early Earth was formed, it was still a barren planet, nothing special.

But one day, a celestial body carrying a lot of precious resources and life material hit the earth, which is the Mars size celestial body. This big celestial body may be the real life material planet. It not only has a lot of precious resources, such as precious metal resources, but also has all kinds of organic materials needed to form life.

If this Mars sized object did not collide with the earth, life might be born hundreds of millions of years later. Unfortunately, the early solar system was very chaotic, and the collision of flying objects often occurred. In the end, it did not have the fate of impact. It collided with the earth, and most of its resources and living materials were left on the earth. At the same time, the materials flying out of the impact also mixed with the earth’s materials to form the moon.

Modern science believes that a lot of water resources on the earth’s surface came from the impact of comets, but there is another possibility that it came from the big impact 3.8 billion years ago. Because scientists have discovered that there are still water resources under the soil on the surface of the moon, which shows that the early moon was not barren and dry, but a planet with atmosphere, magnetic field and water on the surface.

The early moon had atmosphere, magnetic field, water and suitable temperature. In addition, it had organic matter for life. Therefore, after a period of development, the moon also gave birth to the first simple life, which may be synchronized with the birth time of the first life on earth. So why did life on the moon disappear? The main reason may be related to the current position of the moon. As we all know, the early solar system was not peaceful, and asteroid impacts often occurred. One of the important reasons why the earth was safe is that there was a huge Jupiter in front of it, and the asteroids that hit the earth were basically captured by Jupiter.

But the moon is not so lucky. Although it is a satellite of the earth, it is also close to the earth. However, the position is not completely covered by Jupiter, so there are still many small bodies hitting the moon. We can see the tragic impact of asteroids on the early moon from the numerous craters on the moon. Asteroid impact can not destroy a planet, but it can easily destroy the life on it.

65 million years ago, an asteroid with a diameter of more than 10 kilometers hit the earth, resulting in the extinction of 80% of the organisms, including dinosaurs. The moon has experienced many asteroid impacts, which eventually led to the disappearance of the moon’s atmosphere. In addition, the moon’s magnetic field is very weak, and the liquid water on the surface is not protected, and it is also abducted by the solar wind. Without the ecological environment to support life, the early life on the moon disappeared and became a barren planet.

Although the moon is now a barren planet, it is very important for the future development of mankind. With the depletion of the earth’s resources, the future of human resources mining is bound to develop into space, and the moon may be the first station of human space mining, it has rich resources, but also for the future of mankind more important resource helium-3. This is a perfect material for nuclear fusion. The content of the earth is only about one ton, while the content of the moon is at least one million tons.

It can be seen that the future moon will be very busy, not only there will be many resource exploitation bases, but also closed moon cities will be built, many people will live in the moon city, and the moon will become an important space tourism place for human beings in the future. We are looking forward to that day.

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