It is reasonable to speculate that on the celestial body 2200 light years away from the earth, can human beings see Ying Zheng ascend the throne?

Qin Shihuang has a history of thousands of years so far. In fact, he unified the six countries in 221 BC. The speed of light propagation is 3 × 10 to the 8th power per second, so the distance of light propagation in a year is 9.46 × 10 to the 15th power. If we stand at such a distance, can we see Qin Shihuang ascend the throne?

In fact, it is very difficult to test this problem, so it can only be a preliminary theoretical possibility here. In fact, objectively speaking, it is absolutely impossible to achieve this thing according to the current human technology.

So what is the reason? First of all, there are two kinds of things that human beings can see. The first one is something that can reflect light, and the second one is that the thing itself glows. And only when the light you reflect enters human eyes, and then passes through the retina to the brain, can human beings form images.

In the universe, if you stand so far away from light years to observe celestial bodies, you must use a telescope. What the telescope looks at is actually similar to that of people. Light enters the lens. So this kind of light is actually called electromagnetic wave, which can be seen by human eyes. This kind of electromagnetic wave is only a small section. Qin Shihuang ascended the throne because he did not emit light, so he could only reflect sunlight. This kind of sunlight is in the visible light band. If you want to see this scene, you must have very high requirements for telescopes. First of all, the aperture of the telescope should be very large.

The aperture needs to be hundreds of millions of times larger than the diameter of the earth, so if we can really make this kind of telescope, we will encounter many obstacles in the process of observation. For example, when leaving the earth, how to avoid light being blocked or even absorbed by the earth’s atmosphere.

In addition to the earth is a barrier, other celestial bodies are also a barrier, such as star clouds, star clusters and so on, all of which will absorb the sun’s light, so even if there is such a perfect telescope, there are many mirrors to achieve our desired purpose, and then choose the most suitable path.

There are only a few planets in the solar system that can be observed with the existing technology of human beings. The reason why we can observe them is that they can reflect the light of the sun. Therefore, it is impossible to judge the existence of a person by assuming that there is a person using the current telescope to explore.

After all, when Mars is closest to the earth, it will be 55 million kilometers, and more than 22 million years will be more than twice the distance. Therefore, it is impossible to see Qin Shihuang ascend the throne more than 22 million light years away. Perhaps only advanced civilization can come up with a more perfect solution.

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