It is said that the water monkey can be caught in the reservoir. I squatted for three days and got nothing. What is this?

I’ve heard many netizens say “where to find water monkeys”, “where to drag people into the water”, “where to catch living water monkeys”. The folk saying about water monkeys is even more amazing. However, in the folk, water monkeys are mostly called “water ghosts”, which are the kind of people who are specialized in water and like to play in the water by dragging their ankles into the water Dead water devil.

Yes, water ghost. It’s what Xiaobian wants to talk about today. Most of China call it “water monkey”, and many other places call it “water lion ghost”, “water corpse ghost” and “falling corpse ghost”. It is said that Japan likes to call this thing “river boy”. It is even said that the Ruilong temple in Osaka City in Japan now treasures the remains of a river boy (I don’t know whether it is true or not). It is said that it looks like a 3-10-year-old child with flexible hands and feet, and looks like human beings Our arms are very similar, but much longer than human arms. It has long hair and a beak like a bird. Yes, it’s said to be similar to Lei Zhenzi.

According to many netizens and folklores, water monkeys are often active in Guangdong, Fujian and other places in China, and of course in Japan. In fact, in the mouth of the old people, water monkeys are often active in major mountains and rivers. Where there is water, there are water monkeys. Where there is water, there are water monkeys. As long as you are not allowed to enter the water, it is because there are water monkeys.

But in fact, most of the water monkey sightings are not “water monkeys”, most of them are otters, water mice, and even some are… Sloths.

The picture shows the sloth, once known as the water monkey

This is not, Xiaobian saw so many people caught the water monkeys, and he was ready to move, but he waited for three days at the reservoir, and got nothing.

In fact, in our folklore, “water monkeys” mostly live in the mouth of the elderly or parents. Maybe there are some similar creatures. But most of the time, “where there are water monkeys” is just for parents to scare their children not to go to the river to play. After all, the river is so deep and there are so many drowning incidents every year. No one worries.

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