It is such a woman who reveals the mystery of Shi Xiangyun’s life experience

Shi Xiangyun, one of the twelve beauties of Jinling in a dream of Red Mansions, is the daughter of a historian of four families, the niece and granddaughter of Jia’s mother, and Jia’s family is known as Miss Shi. So, what is the mystery of Shi Xiangyun’s appearance? Whose daughter is she?

What is the relationship between her and Jia family? What kind of living condition is she and what are her characteristics? Is there such an account?

Shi Xiangyun didn’t officially appear until the 20th time. She came out of the blue. When baoyuzheng and Baochai were laughing, they suddenly saw someone saying, “here comes Miss Shida.”

Who is this big girl Shi? From the front, you can see that there is not a paragraph that focuses on the introduction of a girl. From the back, you can see that in the 80th chapter, there is not a paragraph that tells you who she is.

But after hearing that Miss Shi came, how did Baoyu and Baochai react? Baoyu raised her body and left.

Baochai said with a smile: wait, let’s go together and have a look at her. Baoyu’s relationship with Miss Shi is unusual, and Baochai is familiar with her.

Then he got off the Kang and came with Baoyu to Jiamu’s side. Shi Xiangyun said that he was laughing. Seeing that he and Baoyu came, he asked him to see him.

Shi Xiangyun suddenly appeared in the 20th time. Think about the other 11 girls, they all explained before and after the appearance! It’s really puzzling. How can I write about Shi Xiangyun’s appearance like this?

Before and after this, there is no text to explain to the readers who she is and how she is related to Rong Guofu.

Shi Xiangyun is frank, open-minded, and mischievous. He even dares to sleep on the big Bluestone in the garden after getting drunk. He wears men’s clothes and laughs. He is romantic and informal.

He has a keen sense of poetry, a superb talent, and “biting the tongue” in his words. He calls “the second elder brother” the “elder brother of love”. She is a romantic, lovely and bold woman. But after all, she was the daughter of a poor family. Her parents died when she was young, and she didn’t live the life of a noble lady. She married a talented and beautiful fairy, but she died of a sudden illness. Xiangyun vowed to be a widow, which made her very miserable.

The mystery of Shi Xiangyun’s appearance also depends on the author’s ulterior motives. Cao Xueqin has a strict design for the structure of the book, a more comprehensive consideration for the design of characters, and a very careful arrangement for the plot and details. He is especially good at setting up foreshadowing. It seems that he doesn’t want to do it casually. In the end, he has couplets.

If he had written the seventh chapter first, he had not yet fully arranged all the twelve beauties in the original book of Jinling at that time. When the fifth chapter was finished, his overall idea was obviously very mature.

He didn’t have a paragraph to explain Shi Xiangyun’s origin and life experience. It refers to narrative words. If not narrative words, then in the fifth chapter, he has explained Shi Xiangyun’s life experience, character, quality and destiny through album judgments and lyrics, and clearly defined her position.

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