It is the dirtiest water in the world, a drop of water is rich in 200 million viruses, dirty to the limit!

How dirty is the water on earth? When the microscope is enlarged, 200 million viruses are swimming away!

There is no shortage of water on earth, because the earth itself is a water ball, which is composed of seven parts of the ocean and three parts of the land. After processing, refining and filtering, the ocean can become direct drinking water. Water is one of the basic conditions for the birth of life and becomes a necessity in life. It is not only the source of life, but also an important part of the human body.

Most of the water we see in our life is rich in impurities. Only after every process can it enter the human stomach. Mineral water bottles contain heavy metals, minerals and so on, which are generally harmful to the human body. More conducive to health, those lakes will not directly drink, there are many microorganisms directly drink designated diarrhea. In the eyes of many people, the dirtiest water in the world is undoubtedly industrial sewage. In fact, this is not the case. Comparing the dirtiest water with industrial sewage is nothing. How dirty is the water on earth? When the microscope is enlarged, 200 million viruses are swimming away!

Mexican workers discover crystal cave for the first time

In 2000, several workers in Mexico were working diligently. They dug under the Naica mountains with digging equipment. There were few living creatures here, so it was desolate. When they dug more than 300 meters, they found a place isolated from the world. When they looked at it carefully, it turned out to be a crystal hole. They were overjoyed to see so many crystal. However, this crystal hole is quite different from ordinary crystal holes. Each crystal has a huge volume, almost dozens of tons, just like mountains. At that time, after the news spread out, it caused a lot of onlookers.

How dirty is the water in the crystal cave?

There is a scientist named Curtis Sartre. In order to study the crystal cave, he took out samples to do research. He put the water in the crystal cave under the microscope to observe carefully. The microscope can see anything tiny. Unexpectedly, he found many dirty things in the water, which almost reached the limit. This crystal cave has been developed for thousands of years. Before it was discovered, there was no grass here, and no one had ever drunk the water inside. Under the magnification of the microscope, countless viruses came into view. Almost every drop of water is rich in 200 million viruses, which is amazing.

According to the detection, these are prehistoric viruses with a long history. With the help of science and technology, they can be revived quickly. In addition, they have strong attachment and viability. As long as they can find a suitable host, they will never disappear. Seeing the water in the crystal cave, many people sigh that the water in those lakes is not surprising. This is the dirtiest water in the world.

The virus is very terrible. It is interdependent with human beings. The formation of the crystal cave is also under heated discussion. Some people speculate that the volcanic movement 26 million years ago may have caused the magma to release heat, keeping the water here at about 58 degrees for a long time. As time goes by, the crystal will form. Because there is no definite evidence, scientists can not easily come to a conclusion. Do you think there is anything dirtier in the world than the water in the crystal cave? You can leave a message for interaction.

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