It is the favorite of nature, born 500 million years ago, has a strong vitality beyond imagination

Billions of years ago, life was born on the earth, an ordinary planet. Since then, the earth has been upgraded to a living planet. After a long period of evolution, human beings were born millions of years ago, and the earth has been upgraded from a living planet to a civilized planet.

Although human beings are the overlord of the earth and intelligent life, nature has not given human beings a very strong body while giving them intelligent brain. Compared with many animals in nature, the strength of human body is far inferior. Take the very small ant in our eyes, for example, it can lift objects several times heavier than itself, and it is more difficult for human beings to lift objects with the same weight as themselves, let alone objects several times the weight of human body.

In the biological world of the earth, the vitality of a lot of life is very tenacious, and can survive in some extremely harsh environment. Many people may not know which kind of life has the most tenacious vitality in the world of life. Today, let’s take a look at this kind of immortal Xiaoqiang. It is the favorite of nature, born 500 million years ago, has a strong vitality beyond imagination.

This kind of life is water bear, and many people may not have heard of its name. The reason why many people don’t know the life of water bear is that it is too small, the smallest is only 50 microns, and the largest is only 1.4 mm. We can’t see such a small life clearly with naked eyes, only under a microscope.

The water bear has eight round fat legs, and the surface of its body is covered with a water film, which is used to avoid dryness and breathe oxygen in the water film. So how tenacious is its vitality? It can survive for 2 minutes at – 272 ℃ and 151 ℃, for several days at – 200 ℃ and for at least 30 years at – 20 ℃.

Moreover, it’s hard to burn with fire, and it can’t freeze even if it’s frozen. Scientists have revived the water bear, which has been frozen for more than 30 years. This shows how tenacious the vitality of this ancient life is. When scientists recognize this powerful beyond imagination of life, they have a new understanding of life. Especially for human exploration to find extraterrestrial life has important help.

You know, in the past, scientists have always been hopeless about the existence of life on such an extremely bad planet as Venus, but the discovery of water bear has changed their mind. The earth can have such tenacious and powerful life, so Venus may also have some life that can survive in extreme environment. In addition to Venus, there may be life on the very cold planets on the edge of the solar system, because if you put water bears on those cold planets, they may also survive and multiply.

Of course, another important reason why scientists attach great importance to the research and exploration of water bear is that it can survive in a vacuum environment. Scientists have done experiments, putting water bear under a low temperature vacuum environment without any protective measures, it can not only survive, but also lay eggs normally. This is a great discovery.

We should know that the future development of mankind is mainly in space. Exploring space and interstellar migration will become the important development direction of mankind in the future. And space is not a safe environment, where there are super strong cosmic radiation, background radiation temperature as low as minus 270 degrees Celsius, but also a microgravity environment.

In the face of the environment of the universe, the human body can’t bear it at all. Without the protection of space suits, human beings can only live in space for a few minutes. Even with the protection of spacesuits and spacecraft, our bodies are still unable to avoid being affected by cosmic radiation and microgravity. So astronauts who come back from missions in space will have varying degrees of physical problems, and some even have genetic mutations. Therefore, after astronauts go to space to perform a mission, they basically have to rest for a long time before they can enter space again.

Some astronauts may only go to space once, and they will never go to space again due to the loss of their bodies. From this, we can see how harmful the space environment is to human body. The important development goal of mankind in the future is space, and it will take a long time to stay in space. If it is to carry out interstellar migration, it may take decades, hundreds or even thousands of years to navigate in space. If human beings do not have a strong body that can resist the cosmic environment, they may not be able to really explore the universe.

As a result, scientists began to study gene technology, hoping to make the human body truly adapt to the cosmic environment by changing the gene. Some of them thought of water bear. Since this tiny life can survive in the cosmic vacuum environment and in various extreme environments, the gene of water bear also has extraordinary significance.

If we can combine the genes of water bear with those of human beings, we may have a stronger body, be able to adapt to various complex environments, and not be afraid of cosmic radiation and low temperature environment in space. And once the human body has this kind of powerful ability, it will also have great benefits for the future interstellar migration of human beings.

As we all know, it is very difficult to find a planet exactly like the earth in the universe. Many planets similar to the earth can’t survive according to the current physical quality of human beings. Only with a stronger physical quality to adapt to various environments can we realize a wide range of interstellar migration in the future, allowing human protoplanets to travel all over the galaxy and even the universe.

Of course, it’s not easy to perfectly combine the water bear gene with the human gene, which requires a lot of efforts and experiments. In any case, scientists have found a direction of research and exploration, and believe that as long as we continue to work hard, maybe in the near future, gene potions and other drugs to change human genes will appear. At that time, human beings will bid farewell to their weak bodies and become little supermans, really opening the era of space exploration.

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