It may be possible to travel through the universe in an instant, and the time-space tunnel will appear. Scientists will find a way!

The vast universe brings people infinite reverie, but also brings people a lot of helplessness. Whenever we see the infinite sky of the universe, we always forget to return, dreaming that one day we can fly freely in space. But the size of the universe is incredible. If we really cross the universe, it can be said that it is unrealistic, so many people are worried about it.

According to the current research of scientists, the vastness of the universe is at least 14 billion light-years. That is to say, even if human beings reach the speed of light, it will take 14 billion years to cross the universe. In fact, the history of human beings is only 1 million years. It shows how difficult, even impossible, it is to really cross the universe.

With the development of science and technology, many scientists began to study how to achieve the ideal speed for human to really explore the universe. First, our understanding is to achieve the speed of light, because light is the constant speed of the universe, that is, the fastest speed in the universe, which has been confirmed on the basis of Einstein’s special theory of relativity.

Therefore, some scientists in the United States have begun to study a carrier whose speed is close to the speed of light, hoping that through this research, human beings can travel through the universe in a limited way. The acceleration process of this kind of space plasma thruster is relatively slow, and the speed will gradually increase. Scientists predict that it will eventually reach 20 percent of the speed of light.

Take the plasma rocket as an example, it can reach the nearest star to the sun at least very fast in 20 years. It is the exploration of the universe by human beings, and it is the farthest distance that can fly at present, but for the universe, it is only a short distance. As the plasma thruster can only be used as an auxiliary, it can not reach the ideal state.

Recently, the European Academy of Sciences and NASA have begun to study more advanced space exploration models. Through the study of quantum, they are preparing to gradually start making space-time tunnels in science fiction movies, so that they can cross any corner of the universe. It has achieved the goal of human crossing the universe quickly.

The research takes advantage of a strange property of the quantum world, and scientists believe wormholes can appear at any time. Although the time is not long, as long as human beings can seize the opportunity to get some wormholes, it is very likely to create wormholes suitable for human beings.

Naturally, the infinitesimal wormhole can not be directly used by human beings, and the interior of the wormhole is also very dangerous. So scientists believe that the mysterious dark matter and dark energy in the universe can expand the wormhole indefinitely until it reaches the level that human beings need. At the same time, dark matter can stabilize the interior of wormhole, so as to realize the dream of human crossing the universe. Human beings are likely to succeed in the next 20 years. Let’s look forward to this day!

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