It rained for 24 hours in the dry desert, and a large number of lakes appeared in the desert. The United States used reconnaissance satellites

The land area of the earth is only 29%, of which 10% is desert. So, the real land area that human beings can live on only accounts for 19% of the world’s total land area, and now desertification continues, with about 60000 square kilometers of land being desertified every year.

In fact, the causes of desertification are all caused by human activities, especially random blowing and deforestation, a lot of vegetation damage, etc. now scientists have been studying the technology of turning desert into oasis, but it is too difficult to realize. To turn desert into oasis, we need to drain a lot of water into the desert first, and then plant a lot of plants and trees. However, the water demand of desert is so great that the current technology can’t do it.

But what human beings can’t do, nature can. Located in the Arabian Peninsula, the lubkhari desert is one of the top ten deserts in the world, covering an area of about 650000 square kilometers, about one third of the Arabian Peninsula. It is such a huge desert, but there have been countless lakes of different sizes recently. What’s the matter?

In the past 24 hours from May 25 to 26 this year, there was a Super Rainstorm in the lubkhari desert, with the rainfall as high as 278 mm. This rainfall may not be too heavy in some coastal areas, but it’s very bad in the desert. You should know that the average annual rainfall in the lubkhari desert in the past was only 30 mm, and the rainfall of 278 mm was equivalent to the rainfall of nine years. 24 hours of rainfall over the past nine years, which means a lot to the desert.

For the first heavy rainfall in hundreds of years in the lubkhari desert, it is rare in history. The United States, a country that likes to brush the sense of existence everywhere, will not let it go. Therefore, the United States has specially called a reconnaissance satellite to observe the situation of the lubkhari desert.

Satellite observation shows that the rainfall in lubkhari desert is amazing. It is a Super Rainstorm rarely seen in hundreds of years, and numerous lakes have sprung up in the desert. As for the reason for the heavy rainfall in the desert, meteorological experts explained that the tropical airflow “merkunu”, which was born in the Arabian Sea, landed in Oman in May and passed through the lubkhari desert. Although it finally disappeared in the northwest of the land, it transported a lot of rain to the port city of Oman and the Bukhari desert, making the desert experience the worst flood in a century.

At the same time, the heavy rain also brought a devastating hurricane. Many street lights were blown down and even houses were torn down in Oman’s port city. Although the hurricane has brought some economic losses, compared with the huge amount of water brought to the desert, it is negligible. It is estimated that the Arab people are still excited. This is a blessing rain and brings green to the Arab.

Arabia is attacked by desert every year, and it is dry and rainless all the year round. This heavy rainfall has brought a lot of lakes to the desert. Some plants in the desert can also grow rapidly under the influence of this drop. If there is a lot of water in the desert, there will be vitality and the possibility of turning the desert into an oasis. This is something that can’t be done by human science and technology, only by nature Maybe power can.

Many netizens may want to think: if such a rainstorm can occur in all the major deserts in the world, the deserts on the earth may become oases, the land area available for human survival will be expanded a lot, and the earth’s environment will be greatly improved. Although this idea is very good, it is impossible in reality. There is a lot of rainfall all over the world every day, and floods often occur in many places. However, if you want to have a heavy rain in the desert, you have to take a chance. It may not happen once in hundreds of years.

If we want nature to rain frequently in the desert, we can not only take chances, but also develop weather weapons. This kind of artifact existing in the concept has always been a subject that scientists are trying to study. With weather weapons, human beings can control the movement of air flow and let the clouds move forward according to the route we have set. We can concentrate the clouds in the desert through weather weapons In the sky, it will rain naturally, and the rainfall can be controlled.

With meteorological weapons, it can make the Desert Rain frequently. With water in the desert, vegetation can grow in large quantities. It is possible for the desert to be replaced by an oasis. Of course, now this is just a fantasy. Meteorological weapons are too far away for us. They are real artifact. We all know that the power of nature is powerful and invincible. If human beings want to really defeat nature, they still need to start from science and technology. Only with the continuous progress of science and technology, nature can only obey human beings and serve them well, instead of playing a bad temper and doing damage as often as now.

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