It seems that human beings have been saved, and “super earth” appears on its own initiative, or the second habitat for adults!

It seems that human beings have been saved, and “super earth” appears on its own initiative, or the second habitat for adults!

Since childhood, teachers have taught us to protect the environment, which is everyone’s responsibility. When I was a child, I kept in mind the teacher’s earnest instructions, but when I grew up, I forgot these words. Few people in our life pay attention to the changes of the earth and just enjoy it for a while. For example, the mineral water bottles we drink, the garbage bags we eat after snacks and throw them away will have a certain impact on the earth’s environment. However, many people don’t think so. They simply think that there are cleaners to clean every day and they don’t need to pay so much attention to details. If that’s true, it’s too pedantic.

Seeing that the earth’s environment is getting worse and worse, human beings can only worry about it. Global warming, pollution emission, marine pollution and other problems are imminent. These problems are becoming more and more serious, and people are caught off guard. The most obvious thing is the rise of global temperature. This summer is particularly hot, and the earth has suffered too much. For a long time, scientists have never given up on the search for foreign celestial bodies. The main purpose is to find a star that can replace the earth. At least one day when the earth’s environment is bad, there will be a shelter for human beings. It seems that human beings have been saved, and “super earth” appears on its own initiative, or the second habitat for adults!

The advantage of this super earth

A long time ago, scientists discovered a super earth and ignored it because of the limited technology. Until now, with the development of science and technology, this super earth has been put on the research course. According to scientists, the volume of this super earth is much larger than that of the earth. There are at least 14 of them. They are not only in a good environment, but also have four seasons in a year. They are much more comfortable than the earth. What kind of star is this?

It is Kepler 22b, which is located in a special position in the universe. No matter its size or planet temperature, it is highly suitable for human beings, even better than the earth. Its annual average temperature is maintained at about 22 degrees Celsius, which is obviously within the range of human beings. Scientists also found that it is not far away from the earth, only 600 light-years away. As long as we can build a very fast spaceship, human beings will have a chance to migrate here.

What worries scientists?

But now scientists are most worried about a problem, since Kepler 22b is so comfortable, is it possible that it was occupied by extraterrestrial civilization long ago? It’s not easy for human beings to find it. No one wants to give up such a great opportunity. However, if human beings rashly go to Kepler 22b, it may lead to death, because we can’t confirm the existence of extraterrestrial civilization. Once they live on Kepler 22b, the rash disturbance of human beings will only infuriate them, and even launch attacks on human beings with human power How can we compete with it?

If you want to migrate to this planet, you need to consider too many conditions. In the view of scientists, unless the level of human science and technology continues to improve, it will be possible to migrate to this planet in the future. If science and technology still stagnates, then the dream of migration will be shattered. What do you think of the super earth scientists have found? You can leave a message for interaction.

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