It takes 1000 years to drop 0.1 degrees. Will the earth enter the ice age or high temperature in the future?

It can only drop 0.1 degree in 1000 years. What will the earth look like in 150 years?

Combined with the temperature situation in recent years, the temperature of many provinces in the world is rising. In summer, it is the highest temperature ever, and it has repeatedly reached new highs. Residents in many areas are at risk of death from heat anytime and anywhere. This kind of hot weather may cause heatstroke and suffer from high temperature. Many people can’t help but imagine that the temperature of the earth has been kept so high?

In ancient times, people had neither air conditioning nor fans. How did they spend their time? It is undeniable that the earth’s temperature has been rising continuously over the past few years. The temperature has not been lower than 40 degrees Celsius, and the earth has obviously become a huge stove. The rising temperature has brought disaster to the north and south poles. Before the early ice age, the earth was covered with land and sea ice. Not only was the temperature low, many creatures were afraid of looking for food. It can only drop 0.1 degree in 1000 years. What will the earth look like in 150 years?

The ice age that the earth once experienced

According to relevant historical records, the earth has experienced a total of 11 ice ages. The most recent one occurred 18000 years ago, when 30% of the land was buried under the ice. According to the relevant investigation and research reports, in the past 150 years, the warming effect created by human beings has reached the effect of cooling. Scientists study the changes of the earth by extracting sediments and carbon from lakes. In the past 10, 000 years, the earth has indeed experienced cooling many times. In the current situation, it is easy for human beings to enter the high temperature state.

By the middle of the 19th century, the earth had a cooling period of 1000 years, which was much longer than the warming period today. If the ice age at that time were to be reconciled with the current greenhouse effect, perhaps the temperature of the earth would be particularly suitable. Some researchers said that the earth’s cooling rate is not large, with an average of 0.1 degrees Celsius per 1000 years. Human beings have not spent much effort to achieve this effect. In the face of the earth’s cooling, everyone has attached great importance to it.

The chain reaction caused by global warming

If we want to change the situation, we have to solve many problems. The earth is moving all the time, and the slower revolution speed and longer cycle seem to be a major factor, which leads to the obvious reduction of heat received in summer. In the view of scientists, human beings should not place all their hopes on the earth. They should place their hopes on themselves and do some effective actions for the earth. Today’s warming of the earth, we all know that global warming is the most direct cause, triggering a series of chain reactions.

In the final analysis, it is closely related to the non-standard behavior of human beings, such as not controlling the emissions of the atmosphere and destroying the ecosystem, which cause irreversible effects. The earth has become a huge stove. If you want to make the earth no longer have a fever, you should start from now on and take some practical actions to cool the earth. If human beings are not aware of their behavior, then the earth will face a terrible fire. What do you think of the current state of the earth? You can leave a message for interaction.

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