It takes hundreds of millions of years for the solar system to revolve, and how long does it take for the galaxy to revolve?

The universe is vast, with countless galaxies, stars and planets. The earth in the solar system is just a small galaxy like the dust of the universe. In addition to the vastness of the universe, another mystery is its structure and order. Modern science believes that the universe comes from the big bang of singularity. The energy generated by the Big Bang is transformed into various materials, forming galaxies, stars, planets and other kinds of celestial bodies.

There are countless kinds of celestial bodies in the universe, but these celestial bodies do not run around in disorder, but live in their own orbit in an orderly way under the management of invisible forces. Rotation, as we all know, is the primary order of the universe. When the earth rotates, it also revolves around the sun. The star is the biggest one in a galaxy. It manages a large number of planets and other small bodies. These planets and small bodies all revolve around it under the action of the star’s gravity.

The universe is like a large group company. There are many large departments and small departments. A small galaxy like the solar system is just a small sector. The largest one is the sun, which manages the operation and stability of the whole galaxy. The superior department of the solar system is the Milky way, the largest of which is the supermassive black hole in the center, which manages the operation of each small galaxy in the whole galaxy.

It takes about 220 million years for the solar system to revolve around the black hole in the center of the galaxy, while it takes only 365 days for the earth to revolve around the sun. The revolution time of the solar system is hundreds of millions of years, that is to say, since the birth of the solar system, it has only circled more than 20 times. We know that it takes 220 million years for the solar system to revolve, so how many years does it take for the galaxy to revolve?

To figure out how long it takes for the Milky way to go around for a revolution, we need to first figure out what the Milky Way revolves around. In this large system of the universe, there are connections between galaxies, which are not completely independent. If the solar system revolves around the center of the galaxy, then the galaxy must also revolve around a larger central gravitational point. What is the gravitational point?

The galaxy to which the Milky way belongs is a huge galaxy called the Virgo supercluster. Its diameter has reached hundreds of millions of light years, and there are at least hundreds of billions of galaxies like the Milky way. So does the Milky Way revolve around the center of the Virgo supercluster? At present, scientists do not have an accurate answer to this problem. According to the detection of scientists, it is found that the center of Virgo supercluster is empty, and there is no supermassive black hole such as the center of galaxy, which seems to be a huge hole.

So how simple is the center of a super Galaxy? In this regard, scientists believe that such a huge Virgo supercluster can manage hundreds of billions of large galaxies, and its center is definitely not so simple, although what we have observed is nothing, without any matter, which makes scientists think of another kind of matter: dark matter.

Modern science believes that after the big bang, not only visible matter, but also a large number of dark matter were produced. Moreover, the amount of dark matter is much larger than that of visible matter. That is to say, the main matter in our universe is actually dark matter, which is distributed in all corners of the universe and is invisible to us. The existence of dark matter may also be the main reason for the expansion of the universe, and the main order manager in the universe may also be dark matter.

This vast void in the center of Virgo supercluster doesn’t seem to have any matter, but maybe it’s just an appearance. There may be a lot of dense dark matter there. And dark matter is a powerful energy matter in the universe, it releases dark energy far beyond our imagination. In this way, the center of Virgo supergalaxy may be more terrible than supermassive black hole, which manages the galaxies in the whole cluster with an invisible force.

Therefore, it is possible that the Milky way also revolves around the center of the Virgo supergalaxy. If so, it may take at least several billion years for the Milky way to revolve around. Some scientists believe that the scope of the super star system is too large, and the galaxy may not have completed a revolution since its birth. Virgo supercluster is just a bigger Galaxy in the universe, and there may be hundreds of billions of such superclusters in the universe.

So, what’s the movement of Virgo supercluster around? This problem is far beyond the scope of human science and technology. We can’t observe whether it is rotating or revolving around a larger and huge central point. If we want to solve this puzzle, only with the continuous development of science and technology and the expansion of the observable range of the universe, the more we look and the farther we look, the clearer the overall framework of the universe will be, and we will be able to understand the rotation system between galaxies in the universe.

Scientists believe that the center of the universe may also be a very unusual existence, but now we simply can not know where the center of the universe is, the principle of circuit, our observation range is really limited, and the universe may be far larger than our imagination and understanding.

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