It took 50 years to finally understand why the dream of scientists digging through the earth could not go on?

The last century can be said to be an era of disasters and opportunities. The two world wars in human history happened in the last century. The explosion of modern science and technology was also in the last century. I believe many friends know that Einstein, Tesla and other great modern scientists have made great scientific contributions in the last century, such as Einstein’s mass energy mode, which enabled human beings to realize the application of nuclear energy.

Einstein’s theory of relativity has given mankind a clearer direction in the study of the world and the universe. After the end of World War II, the world ushered in peace. It was time for the great development of science and technology. At that time, there were two powerful countries in the world, one was the Soviet Union and the other was the United States.

I believe many people know that in the last century, the United States and the Soviet Union started competitions in many aspects. The Soviet Union launched the first man-made satellite and took the lead in sending astronauts into space. Unwilling to lag behind, the United States launched a more sensational and great plan, namely, a manned lunar landing, which was successfully realized in 1969.

The United States and the Soviet Union not only compete in space, but also on the earth. They began to compete in underground exploration. As we all know, to say where the earth is most mysterious, many people will answer that it is the interior of the earth. Yes, although the ocean has a lot of mysteries for human beings, with the continuous progress of human science and technology, we can still carry out a series of preliminary exploration of the ocean.

But for the earth’s internal situation, we have little understanding, at most is through seismic waves to carry out some fuzzy exploration. In order to really explore the earth’s interior, we must go deep into the earth’s interior. In this way, we need to dig a deep hole through the earth. The United States took the lead in launching the underground excavation project, but chose the location in the ocean.

Because the ocean is the closest place to the earth’s interior, if we can dig through the ocean, we can save a few kilometers of digging depth and quickly reach the depths of the earth. But what the United States didn’t expect is that digging in the ocean is much more difficult than it thought. After a series of calculations, scientists have come up with a consumption figure that the United States can’t afford. At the end of the day, if the program is not approved by Congress, it’s over.

However, the Soviet Union did not give up digging, but chose a place called Kola to officially dig through the earth. This is the famous Kola ultra deep drilling experiment. In 1970, Soviet scientists officially started the experiment in the Kola Peninsula near the Norwegian border. At that time, such an experiment was very sensational, and its influence was no less than that of the US landing on the moon.

At that time, the salary of the scientists who took part in the drilling work was very high, and the monthly salary during the working period reached the annual salary of a university professor for one year. Sixteen laboratories have been set up to study the core. The whole research project was carried out under the direct leadership of the former Soviet Union geology minister.

Drilling for the Kola ultra deep well ended in 1994. By 1983, the drilling depth of the well had reached 12000m, so it was decided to stop further drilling. The last 262 meters were carried out in 1983-1993, which took ten years.

Later, the drilling project was forced to stop. At that time, the official reason was that the funds were insufficient. However, most people in the world think that things are not so simple, so there are many legends about the forced stop of kola ultra deep drilling experiment. It is said that when the drilling reached more than 12000 meters, there were wails and cries coming from the depths of the earth, and there was a recording on the Internet, from which it seemed that the wails and cries could really be heard.

So, some people speculate, is this going to be hell? There is also a legend that a demon monster can blow fire out of the hole drilled by Kola. Of course, these are just people’s conjectures, and the recording on the Internet may just be found from nowhere. It’s not the sound made in the drilling hole of kola at all. Scientists have never said that some mysterious things have been found in the ultra deep borehole of kola.

So what is the real reason for stopping the Kola ultra deep drilling experiment? Now 50 years later, a lot of things about Kola’s ultra deep drilling experiment have been revealed by people. In fact, the Kola’s ultra deep drilling experiment was not as mysterious as people thought. At the beginning, Soviet scientists were really ambitious, hoping to dig through the earth through their strong scientific and technological strength.

However, with the progress of excavation, difficulties have emerged. We all know that the earth’s interior is not a cold environment, but with the increase of concentration, the temperature is also rising, and the hardness of rocks is also increasing. The whole Kola ultra deep drilling experiment has been carried out for more than 20 years, and the first 12000 meters have been carried out smoothly, taking 13 years.

However, starting from 12000 meters, drilling became more and more difficult. Until 1993, the last 262 meters were used for ten years. It took ten years to dig 262 meters down. It can be seen that human science and technology at that time could no longer go on. In the end, this great experiment was forced to stop.

From this, we can see that the main reason for Kola ultra deep drilling experiment is not lack of funds, but because the temperature below 12000 is too high and the hard height is too large. After the bit goes down, it softens quickly and can not continue drilling. It is a waste of time and money to insist on it. It can be seen that the reason why this drilling experiment can not continue is the strength of science and technology.

Although the technology ultra deep drilling experiment was stopped in 1993, the project was not terminated immediately, but ended in 2006. In the meantime, scientists have been working on the data from this ultra deep borehole. To know that such a deep hole is of great help to human understanding of the earth’s interior. For example, when the drilling depth reached 9500 meters, the drill bit drilled into a stratum containing gold and diamonds.

The analysis of the core shows that the gold content is as high as 80g / T. It should be noted that gold deposits with a gold content of 4 g / t have commercial mining value. Few deposits with a gold content of more than 10 g / T can be found in the earth’s surface. In contrast, this is almost a treasure of gold.

Now we know that there is a huge layer of diamond gold at the depth of 9500 meters inside the earth. When the technology goes further in the future and we have the ability to mine here, we may set off a gold rush again. It is possible that in the future, diamond and gold will become the common material of rotten streets. From this drilling experiment, we can also see the wonderful and mysterious atmosphere inside the earth, as well as the rich resources of the earth.

The surface resources that human beings can exploit now may only be the tip of the iceberg of the whole earth’s resources, and the real huge treasure may always be under our feet. It’s just that human science and technology do not have the ability to dig deeper. At the same time, we can see that human material science and technology has not been substantially developed in the past 50 years.

Especially in the field of high-temperature materials, there has been little progress in the past 50 years. If human materials have made a breakthrough in the past half century, the present Kola ultra deep drilling will not still be the deepest drilling in human history. It’s not that scientists now don’t want to continue to drill along the Kola hole, mainly because we don’t have a stronger drill bit and technology to continue to dig.

If there is a qualitative breakthrough in material science and technology in the future, the technology ultra deep drilling may be opened again, and then continue to dig down, so that we can have more understanding and cognition of the earth’s interior. Only when the mystery of the earth’s interior has been completely solved, can man really become the master of the earth.

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