It took scientists 40 years to verify Einstein’s prediction with a billion dollars

Hundreds of years ago, mankind entered the era of scientific and Technological Development and began the brilliant development of human civilization. In fact, although human beings entered the road of science and technology hundreds of years ago, the period of real rapid development is nearly 100 years. The reason why the development of nearly 100 years is so rapid is that several great scientists were born in the scientific community 100 years ago, and Einstein is one of the most representative scientists.

For Einstein, I believe that no one does not know that he is a great physicist. In fact, the word “great” is not enough to describe Einstein’s contribution to human beings. There are two of his greatest achievements. One is to put forward the theory of relativity, especially the general theory of relativity, which is the basic and fundamental for human beings to explore time and space, explore the universe, and understand the world Now a lot of physical exploration and theoretical research are developed on the basis of relativity.

Another great achievement of Einstein is the proposal of the mass energy equation, which shows us the relationship between matter and energy. This formula has also become the theoretical base of nuclear energy. It enables human beings to master the application mode of nuclear energy, develop the atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb and other powerful weapons, and also enables human beings to understand the mystery of solar combustion. At the same time, it enables human beings to open controllable nuclear agglomeration The research and exploration of change.

Because Einstein is a great physicist, his understanding of space-time and the universe is very unusual. The proposal of Einstein’s theory of relativity makes human thinking move towards cosmic particles, and makes us realize that the universe is not a static existence, but a dynamic wave state, that is, the universe is actually a distorted space-time.

According to the research of Einstein’s theory of relativity, the universe is like an elastic space-time membrane. The celestial bodies on the membrane have a certain squeezing force on the space of the universe, so the space-time of the universe changes and is distorted. We can compare the universe to a super elastic sphere on which celestial bodies attach.

Because celestial bodies have mass, they will exert different pressures on the elastic sphere, which will cause the surrounding space-time to change and twist. For example, in the solar system, the mass of the sun is the largest, accounting for 99.86% of the mass of the solar system. Such a powerful mass exerts super strong pressure on the cosmic membrane, and the space-time distortion caused by the pressure diffuses around. This is the source of gravity.

According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, if the universe is compared to an elastic space-time membrane, then the essence of gravity may be the force of space-time distortion, which is not produced by the celestial body itself, but driven by the force of distortion after the celestial body produces pressure on the cosmic membrane. This phenomenon can also be seen in our reality. For example, we make a net with strong elasticity, and then put some objects of different mass on the net. These objects exert pressure on the net. You will find that the whole net is twisting. The bigger the mass, the more obvious the twisting will be. At the same time, it will affect the objects around it. For example, let the objects around move closer to it.

The reason why there are stable celestial bodies in the universe and the planets have to revolve around the stars is that the mass of the stars is too large, the space-time distorting force produced pulls the surrounding planets close to it, and the planets themselves can rotate at a high speed, which also produces a centripetal force to balance the gravity of the stars, so a stable revolution is formed.

After Einstein put forward the theory of relativity, he put forward another conjecture: gravitational wave. If the universe is a space-time membrane, and the celestial bodies exert pressure on it to form a distorted space-time, then the pressure may produce a wave that spreads around, which is called gravitational wave. It’s like throwing a stone into a calm lake, creating ripples that spread around.

After Einstein put forward the conjecture of space-time distortion and gravitational wave, later scientists began to verify them. Many experimental data of space-time distortion theory soon proved its real existence, but the exploration of gravity is very slow. This is because the subtle changes caused by gravitational wave are very weak, which are difficult to measure. General celestial bodies, such as constancy The gravitational waves produced by stars and planets are too weak to be detected by our instruments.

In order to verify the existence of gravitational waves in Einstein’s pair theory, scientists spent more than 1 billion US dollars to study the cosmic laser interference in the western state of Washington and the eastern state of Louisiana. The experiment lasted for more than 40 years, and finally made a major discovery on Christmas day, December 25, 2015.

It is understood that both places are equipped with laser particle detectors with an accuracy of up to 10-13, and are equipped with vacuum transmission tubes to detect the trajectory of laser particles. On this Christmas day, the same wave path was detected in both the East and the west of the United States, and the ripples in time and space were consistent. In order to verify the accuracy of the observation data, scientists published the study after six months of closed data observation.

The source of the gravitational wave detected this time is two black holes located about 1.3 billion light-years away from the earth. The two black holes are in the process of merging with each other. The rotation and aggregation of the two black holes cause the gravitational ripple of the universe, which fluctuates to the earth 13 light-years away. The information is detected by laser particle detectors in both places.

The domination of gravitational waves is of great significance to human beings. It can become a method of celestial body detection of gravity in the future. In the past, human beings mainly detected the universe through electromagnetic waves and light. In the future, we will master a more advanced detection method, namely gravitational wave detection. Scientists can develop gravitational wave detector according to the principle of gravitational wave, which can detect some hidden celestial bodies.

We should know that there are countless celestial bodies in the universe. Not all celestial bodies can be detected by electromagnetic wave and light. There are many celestial bodies that can not be detected by these two methods. The gravitational wave detector is different. It is made according to the principle of space-time distortion. As long as a mass object produces space-time distortion force on the cosmic membrane, and as long as the gravitational wave detector is sensitive enough, it may be detected. It may become an important detection tool for exploring and understanding the universe in the future.

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