It took scientists eight years to find the answer

In 2007, Harvard astronomer lorimo Duncan and his team discovered a strange cosmic signal that lasted only a few milliseconds in the initial observation.

For a signal with short period and frequency appearing in the universe, it usually causes strong attention. Although there are similar periodic pulse objects in the universe, so are the lowest level characteristics of intelligent civilization signal. If it is more advanced, it will be embedded in some mathematical arrangement. Just like there are hydrogen atoms in the universe, there is nothing to say if we combine the spectral lines of hydrogen atoms with the signals.

But the mysterious signal, discovered in 2007, lasted only a few milliseconds, and scientists think we can’t even be sure whether it exists inside or outside the galaxy. The gap is huge, and the language inside the galaxy means they may be around us.

Beyond the Milky way, millions of light-years away from us, Andromeda galaxy is the closest to us, about 2.5 million light-years away, so it is important to judge its distance from us. If it is a celestial body in the universe, then the celestial body with such a circular signal is certainly unusual. According to previous experience, it is not the pulsar of the so-called life killer, and it may be more lethal to life on earth.

Strong pulse energy through the distant universe to the earth, think it must not be a good thing. Soon, scientists observed the frb150418 launch device, and now we finally know that it came from a very distant galaxy, which is called active galactic nucleus.

There are also strong energy activities in the inner core, and the energy supply behind it is a supermassive black hole. At present, the mechanism of the radioactive emission from AGNs is still unclear, which is a complex physical process. These signals observed on the earth have strong periodicity, so what causes this phenomenon? There is a saying that it is called blitzar brazier wave. Its energy can be said to be the strongest ever, about 5 billion light-years away from us.

Coming to the earth through such a vast universe shows that the energy released at the beginning can no longer be described in words. As for its formation mechanism, scientists have spent eight years analyzing it, and believe that it may come from a massive object falling into a black hole or a white dwarf merging event.

To be sure, the energy behind it is so huge that the total stellar energy of the whole galaxy can’t be compared with it without an evaluation. This is the magic of the universe. You will never know what is behind the black hole space-time. Maybe the alien civilization controls the AGNs. Maybe frb150418 is just a wonderful flower, a millisecond pulse never seen by human beings.

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