It turned out that Liu Hulan died because of a traitor who tipped off the enemy and killed our hero

In the history of China’s Anti Japanese War, there were many heroines. Although they were daughters, they were no less than men. For example, they organized farmers to deliver grain to the front line, sewed clothes for our army, and used their female advantages to help our army transmit information. What’s more, they killed the enemy and fought bloody battles on the battlefield, making great contributions to our revolutionary cause.

In Wenshui County, Shanxi Province, there stands a statue of an anti Japanese heroine. At the age of 14, he led the local people to fight against the landlords, helped the front-line soldiers transport food, and organized women to sew military uniforms for the soldiers.

Despite her great contribution to the local people, she was betrayed by a villager. The traitor was arrested 12 years after the founding of the people’s Republic of China. He betrayed all the revolutionaries in the village. He refused to admit it even after he was arrested. He didn’t admit it until he was shot.

The traitor was Shi wuze, the Secretary of the peasant association at that time. Liu Hulan criticized Shi wuze for shielding the widow of the landlord. He hated Liu Hulan because of this, so he secretly revealed the secret to the enemy.

In order to avoid suspicion, Shi wuze was also arrested by the enemy at that time. In the end, only Shi wuze, Shi sanhuai and Shi liuer were released, and all seven martyrs including Liu Hulan were killed.

It was not until after the founding of the people’s Republic of China that Liu Hulan’s sacrifice made many people suspect. Some people speculated that someone else must have disclosed the secret, so the local public security immediately began to investigate. At that time, Shi wuze reported Shi sanhuai. However, the truth came to the surface only after several key people who had harmed our party members were arrested.

Shi wuze, for the sake of a widow, even informed the enemy that our party revolutionaries had been killed. This man was heartless. In 1963, Shi wuze was shot by Wenshui County Government.

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