It was supposed to be one of the nine planets. Why was it kicked out? Scientists explain why!

It should have been one of the nine planets, but the environment was so bad that it was driven out!

The universe is a mysterious place. Human beings think that it is enough to understand the earth. When they really walk out of the earth, they will know the vastness of the universe. The earth is just one of tens of thousands of stars, and human beings are even smaller and negligible. According to known astronomical knowledge, there are eight planets in the solar system, each of which has its own way of operation. In fact, many people don’t know that before the early days, the solar system had nine planets, and the removed planet was Pluto.

In 1930, Pluto was discovered by a scientist. Compared with other stars, Pluto is very different. So why was it kicked out of the nine planets? Scientists have done a series of researches on Pluto. They all know that Pluto is far away from the sun, and there is little light shining on Pluto. Therefore, Pluto’s environment is extremely bad. Many people call it purgatory. Although its reputation is not good, scientists have not given up their research on Pluto, instead, they have been spying on Pluto. In the last century, Voyager 2 first came to Pluto and sent back a lot of information to mankind. Everyone wanted to uncover the mystery of Pluto. It should have been one of the nine planets, but the environment was so bad that it was driven out!

After understanding, we also have more knowledge of Pluto. It is a planet with lower temperature, and its surface is almost completely covered by ice. Many scientists speculate that there may be a vast ocean hidden under the ice. It is also possible that Pluto had the conditions for the birth of life long ago, and there are many living organisms living on Pluto. So far, scientists have not found any trace of the activity of living organisms. So whether there is life on Pluto becomes a big unknown.

Its small mass is one of the reasons for being kicked out of the nine planets. It is understood that Pluto has a thin atmosphere, which contains carbon monoxide, methane and so on. There is no oxygen on earth. If it can be confirmed that Pluto has a large amount of oxygen, there may be living creatures. Carbon monoxide, methane and other gases are toxic, which will bring a lot of potential harm if they are absorbed into the body by life.

After in-depth understanding, mankind found that not all planets with similar environment to the earth have the conditions for the birth of life. There have been more attempts to explore Pluto’s new horizons around the United States. In the vicinity of Pluto, there are many stars larger than Pluto, which makes scientists conclude that Pluto will be kicked out of the list of nine planets one day.

Despite this, scientists still did not give up the exploration of Pluto, and even many people once thought that Pluto would become a livable destination for human beings in the future, as long as we have a thorough understanding of the interior of Pluto. Today, with the existing science and technology, people only know Pluto by the skin. If we want to explore more, we must wait until science and technology develop to a more advanced stage. What kind of planet is Pluto in your eyes? You can leave a message for interaction.

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