It’s 13.8 billion years old and 93 billion light-years in diameter. Is that what you know about the universe?

Is the universe really as you know it? 93 billion light-years in diameter, 13.8 billion years old?

Now we know that the speed of light is the fastest in the universe, and the age of the universe is about 13.8 billion years old. The diameter of the meat is about 93 billion light-years. Moreover, the study of the age of the universe is important for the study of cosmology, and it is an important comparative material in the model of the universe. Knowing the age of the universe accurately is helpful for people to understand the origin and evolution of the universe. We all know that the age of the universe is about 138 years old. How can we get this number?

In 1922, according to Einstein’s theory, Friedman, a writer, calculated a universe that is not static, which is contradictory to the previous scientists’ view. Friedman’s universe may be an expanding universe. In the next few years, the astronomer lemet proposed a homogeneous and isotropic model of the universe, which pointed out that the universe originated from a point, which was still small. It broke up again and then expanded, gradually forming the present universe. This point is the starting point of space.

In 1929, as like as two peas telescope, Edwin, Harbert, discovered the far away galaxy from the earth, and was rapidly away from the earth. The farther away the galaxy was, the faster the galaxy was far away from. The important discovery was almost identical with that proposed by Freedman in 1922, that is, the universe we are expanding is expanding slowly. Zhang, it’s getting bigger.

Harvard’s discovery has broken the previous scientists’ consistent view of the universe. The universe is expanding. Although the universe has been expanding, maybe time can be saved. At the beginning, after all, the universe was a very small point, just like lemme thought that the universe was an egg.

So how do scientists know the age of the universe. Scientists have put forward several ideas in the process of research. The first is to determine the age of radionuclide production according to the decay law of the longest lived radionuclide in the universe, so as to further obtain the age of the universe. The second way is to find the oldest object in the universe. The third is to observe and look for the evidence left behind by the big bang, and then combine with the universe model to determine the actual age of the universe. But the universe has the speed of expansion, so the result is not very accurate.

Now we are talking about 93 billion light-years, which is the size of the universe, but in fact it is only the size of the universe that we can observe. We don’t know what we can’t see. In fact, experts can’t say exactly how big the universe is. We need to further understand the universe and develop human science and technology.

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