It’s a lovely creature, but you don’t call it the Loch Ness monster!

In the early years, the story of “sea snakes” appeared many times in the stories of mariners. In the mouth of mariners, these sea snakes are extremely fierce, and their bodies are huge. The part exposed to the sea is about 60 feet long. Some people even say that the diameter of their head is about 15 feet, but we have never caught such a big sea snake. What else is there about the Loch Ness monster It is said that the Loch Ness water monster devours people and animals and has a long neck and round head, but whether it exists has not been explained. However, the legend about Loch Ness water monster is becoming more and more intense.

In 2006, an 8-meter-long hairtail floated on the sea near Australia. Before that, people had never seen this kind of fish, because hairtail is a deep-sea fish living in the bottom of the sea. Probably because this hairtail is on the verge of death, there is no way to swim into the sea again. It is precisely because of the discovery of this hairtail that a large number of scientists gathered in Australia, and the hairtail has since entered the human field of vision.

In fact, huanghairtail is also known as “White Dragon King” and “Dragon Palace emissary”. Residents living near Southeast Asia once believed that it was the legendary dragon. With the gradual discovery of hairtail, more and more scientists are willing to believe that hairtail is the “sea snake” once described by navigators. Some even speculate that the legendary water monster in Loch Ness for many years may also be related to hairtail, and even believe that hairtail is at the bottom of loch ness!

But in fact, Xiaobian wants to say that if huanghairtail is a big sea snake, Xiaobian seems to be able to understand, but if huanghairtail is a Loch Ness monster, isn’t it a bit disharmonious? So the horrible water monster and such a lovely hairtail are… Comparable?

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