It’s a very hopeless law of physics, through which we seem to see the future of the universe

When human beings walk out of the earth, we see the vast and mysterious universe. Since seeing the vast universe, human beings are more and more interested in the universe. In the eyes of many people, the universe is vast and vast. It may have no boundary and no end. It can continue to expand forever.

So will the universe always exist and expand? For this problem, scientists have no answer, but since the emergence of a physical law, it seems that we can see the future of the universe through it.

In the scientific world, there are many physical laws, which constantly reveal the mysteries of matter, the world and the universe. And these laws of physics are not created by human beings, but are all kinds of scientific rules that have appeared at the same time since the birth of the universe.

The exploration and research of science by human beings is just to excavate all kinds of scientific rules deeply hidden in the universe. With the development of scientific laws, human beings have more and more knowledge of the material world, which not only changes people’s life style and quality, but also enables us to go out of the earth and explore the universe.

No one can give an answer to how many scientific laws exist in the universe. What scientists most expect is to find a law to reveal the future of the universe. And this law was finally discovered by us, which is the law of entropy increase, also known as the second law of thermodynamics.

The law of entropy is a great physical theory, but also a very desperate law. So what kind of charm does this Law of entropy have that makes us despair? Its content is actually very simple, which tells us a degree of confusion of matter and energy.

The law of entropy tells us that whether matter or energy or everything in the universe, their development needs to follow the objective laws of nature. When they reach a certain stage, they are bound to perish. And this is an irreversible process. The degree of chaos described by entropy law is irreversible. From the moment of a thing’s birth, entropy will continue to increase, things will become more and more chaotic, and finally perish. It is not only on the surface of the life span, but also on the life span of celestial bodies, and even on the future fate of the universe.

Maybe some friends can’t understand the law of entropy. Why is the chaos irreversible? In fact, as long as we think about it carefully, we will understand that energy is the essence of dominating the development of things. The movement and development of anything needs to consume energy, and the consumption of energy is irreversible.

Let’s take a simple example: to boil water, we need to consume electric energy, and the source of electric energy is through a variety of energy sources, including chemical energy, but wind energy, including solar system or other conversion methods. So why does the law of entropy reveal the future of the universe to mankind?

If the universe is unique and a closed space, then the energy in the closed universe will be consumed over time. From the moment of the birth of the universe, entropy has been increasing from 0. The increasing entropy also means that the energy of the universe is constantly consumed. The stability of the universe will get worse and worse, more and more chaotic.

As we all know, the universe originated from the singularity big bang 13.8 billion years ago. After its birth, the universe has been expanding rapidly for 13.8 billion years now. Will this expansion process continue? One might think that the expansion of the universe will last forever.

However, the law of entropy tells us that this is impossible. The expansion of the universe needs to consume energy, and with less and less energy in the universe, the expansion of the universe will eventually stop. So stop is the end of the universe? Of course not. When the cosmic energy is not enough to support its expansion, it will stop first.

Even if the expansion of the universe stops, the consumption of energy will not stop, it will continue to consume with the operation of the universe. As the energy continues to be consumed, the universe becomes more and more unstable, and the state of stopping cannot be maintained, but begins to collapse inward. This is because without the energy support of the universe, the whole universe will continue to shrink until it finally returns to the original singularity.

This is the ultimate outcome of the universe told by the law of entropy. Through this, we also think that there may be a kind of reincarnation in the universe. Some scientists once conjectured that the universe may have evolved in cycles. Our present universe may have evolved again after the destruction of the last universe.

Of course, although the law of entropy reveals that the degree of chaos of things is irreversible, there is a premise for this degree of chaos, that is, to be in a closed space. However, the entropy of human beings is a little different from that of some things. We can regard the human body as a closed space. In this closed space, with the increase of entropy, we will grow old and die.

However, there is space outside human beings. We can absorb energy from the outside space through food or other ways to fight against the increase of entropy, so as to continue aging and have a growing life span. Of course, because the law of entropy increase also exists in the space outside the human body, the whole space will become more and more chaotic, so we can not achieve immortality. The most important thing is that we can absorb more and more external energy through the power of science and technology, so that we can resist the entropy environment more and more, and our life will be longer and longer.

As for the final outcome of the universe, we also have to consider another situation, that is, multi cosmology. If future scientists prove that the universe is pluralistic, and there is a vaster universe beyond the universe, then our universe can also continuously absorb energy from outside the universe and resist entropy increase, so that our universe can exist for a longer time.

In any case, the discovery of entropy law is still not good news for human beings. It tells us the final outcome of things, no matter how hard we try, we can not reverse the law of entropy, can not reverse things to the end. Of course, we should not be too desperate. Although the law of entropy increase is irreversible, we can continue to increase the entropy value and make things exist for a longer time by relying on the increasingly powerful scientific and technological forces.

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