It’s amazing that nature has created super strong “physical defense” creatures. It’s OK to be crushed by cars

The earth is a life world rich in species. In addition to human beings, there are millions of species. In order to adapt to different living environment, organisms have evolved different survival ability. Each species has its own survival ability, which can survive in this complex biological world.

Different organisms have different survival abilities. In nature, some organisms have particularly strong survival abilities. For example, the water bear, as we all know, is the most tenacious life discovered by scientists. It can survive in high temperature of 150 ℃ and low temperature of – 100 ℃, and is not afraid of terrible cosmic radiation and various pressures.

Is the water bear invincible? Of course not. Any kind of creature has a strong side, and naturally it has a weak side. The water bear has a very strong ability to adapt to various environments, but it also has a fatal weakness, that is, its physical defense is very weak, and we can crush it to death with just one finger.

Friends who like to play games all know that each profession has its own advantages and disadvantages. The role with strong physical defense often has very low magic defense. There are two reasons in nature. Some creatures can survive in various environments, but their physical defense ability is very weak, and they will be easily crushed by other creatures.

Although some creatures are not strong at adapting to the complex environment, they have a very strong defense, which makes their natural enemies unable to start and survive better. Today we are going to talk about the protagonist is such a “physical defense” super biological, its name is the devil iron ingot beetle.

We all know that beetles basically have a hard shell, which is their defense equipment. It is with this shell that beetles can survive better. In the beetle family, the devil iron ingot beetle is undoubtedly the king. From the appearance, it looks really ordinary, not as gorgeous as the Seven Star Ladybug color, nor agile skills.

Its appearance looks like a small piece of rough bark or stone, and its length is only more than 1 cm. It is a very small creature. Don’t look at its humble appearance, but this beetle is known as a super small tank, and its survival ability is almost invincible in the whole population. When facing natural enemies, they are not afraid at all.

No matter how hard the hunters toss, they can’t do any harm to them. In the end, they have to give up. Scientists have done experiments, and the devil iron ingot beetle can withstand the crushing of cars. So how is such a powerful physical defense capability formed? What’s the secret of its carapace?

For the beetle with such a strong physical defense ability, it naturally attracted the attention of scientists and began to study its secret. David kisselus, a materials scientist from the University of California, set up a research team to study the devil iron ingot beetle.

The team first tested the whole exoskeleton of the demon iron beetle with steel compression to see how much strength it can withstand. Through the test, this kind of devil iron beetle’s bearing capacity has reached an amazing 149 Newton, while other beetles, the maximum bearing capacity is generally not more than 68 Newton. 149 Newtons is more than 39000 times the gravity of the demon beetle itself. We can imagine what it would be like to have 39000 of you on your body?

With such a powerful physical defense, what’s special about the hard shell of the demon iron beetle? The team explored the hard shell in more detail through spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy and CT scanning. Through research, we found that the exoskeleton of the demon iron beetle is very special, and its toughness is an eye opener.

For flying insects, the Coleoptera is an important flying tool. The Coleoptera of the devil iron beetle evolved to be more rigid, locked together along the suture line, and more like armor. The sutures of beetle’s Coleoptera fusion play an important role in its toughness.

Scientists have found that the main component of this exoskeleton structure is chitosan, a fiber material synthesized by glucose and a substance composed of matrix protein, which plays a certain role in enhancing defense ability.

However, chitosan is not the main reason why the beetle’s physical defense ability is particularly strong. The main reason is a special structure produced by the connection between the Coleoptera. This kind of structure is more like a puzzle. The Coleoptera structure formed by special connection gives the devil iron beetle a super strong physical defense ability, and can withstand more than 39000 times of its own pressure.

Seeing such a structure makes the research team excited. It may be a special structure that human beings have not mastered at present. As long as we can study it thoroughly, we may be able to produce stronger defense materials and apply them to all aspects of science and technology.

The unique way of material structure combination has opened the eyes of scientists. Can this way of material combination of demon iron beetle be applied to human science and technology? Using carbon fiber materials, scientists have created an aircraft engine fastener that mimics a diabolical jigsaw puzzle of scarab sutures. Through the test, this firmware is stronger than the original one.

It can be seen that this kind of material combination is really very scientific and can be applied to science and technology. This is the technology that humans “steal” from the demon beetle. This also once again let us see the magic of nature. After entering the era of science and technology, human beings began to explore the mystery of nature.

Whether it is the law of gravitation or the theory of relativity, they have existed in nature for a long time, but they have been discovered and applied by human beings. There are too many scientific mysteries in nature waiting for us to explore. If human beings want to constantly upgrade and make breakthroughs in civilization, it is the right direction to go into nature, not to dwell on it.

The creator of nature has long hidden innumerable mysteries of the universe in nature. As long as we observe carefully, we may find something unusual. A special way of material combination found in the demon beetle is only one of many mysteries. In other animals, there are also unknown Scientific Mysteries. To discover these mysteries, we need to make continuous efforts to study them.

Maybe as long as human beings can learn from nature and get close to nature, we will learn more from nature in the future. These things can upgrade the level of human civilization and make our way to explore the universe further.

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