It’s been frozen for 52 years! The world’s first frozen human who was supposed to wake up four years ago, why is there no news?

The word “frozen man” does not appear in our life, but it always appears in science fiction movies and novels. In movies, people die and are frozen, and then thawed and revived in a certain future period through advanced science and technology. In our impression, frozen human represents an opportunity of resurrection, which is an enviable technology. Now that people have this idea, some people will explore experiments, and the successful results of the experiment “we have conquered death” are very attractive, which makes more people want to try and more scientists make experiments.

However, the earliest study of human freezing originated from a science fiction in 1931 in the American magazine strange, which told the story of a person who died and was accidentally frozen and resurrected. This made the American scientists imagine wildly and began the relevant research and experiment on human freezing. This also led to the emergence of Bedford, the world’s first frozen man. Let’s have a look His experience as a freeman.

The world’s first frozen man: Bedford

Bedford is an expert in psychology at the University of California. He is quite accomplished in psychology. He has not only published many books on psychology, but also won numerous awards. But once again, when he was giving a class to his students, he suddenly fainted. When he woke up, he was told by the doctor that the kidney cancer was advanced, and the cancer cells had spread to the lungs.

At that time, under the condition of backward medical conditions, Bedford could only rely on drugs to maintain his life. He was resigned to fate, took medicine on time, and reviewed on time. Originally almost desperate, he suddenly read about the technology of human body refrigeration in the newspaper. He first “refrigerated” the human body, and then awakened it when the medicine developed and could treat the patients’ diseases. This technology successfully attracted Bedford. So after paying $100000, Bedford became the world’s first freezer.

But why has Bedford, who was frozen in 1967 and originally planned to wake up in 2017, not been informed so far?

In fact, so far, human beings are still facing the problem of freezing technology.

The first problem: rewarming is the biggest problem

Hou Xiaotong, director of extracardiac critical care center of Beijing Anzhen Hospital, said in an interview with China Science Daily: “when I was a child, there were scientists who fantasized and studied freezing human body and cells before death. They hoped that one day science would progress to the point where they could be treated again after rewarming. As far as I know, there is no qualitative breakthrough yet.”.

According to the data, the existing organ resuscitation can only be completed on a very small organ. So far, the biggest success is to freeze and resuscitate a rabbit kidney. Larger organs need a higher concentration of protective agent, but too much concentration is not enough, and the cells can not bear it. Therefore, at present, no frozen animal has been successfully resuscitated. And the most important thing is to adopt the method of high concentration cryoprotectant at present, it is not completely clear what side effects this will have and how much harm it will have.

The second problem: freeze the brain and resuscitate

We know that freezing the brain is very difficult, let alone resuscitation? The human brain is made up of billions of cells, and the most important thing is to make sure that they are fully connected. If these connections are completely frozen, in the future, scientists may read them from the frozen brain, wake people up again, or copy these links. But the most difficult thing is that researchers may not fully understand these connections, so as to create exactly the same memory and personality, which may be realized in the future.

Third problem:

How to avoid the damage to cells caused by the freezing of human body water

We all know that water freezes below zero, but cells in the human body, the formation of ice crystals will damage cells, and eventually cause cell death. However, this problem is not unsolved. Adding cryoprotectant can reduce the freezing point and ice crystal production, so as to reduce cell damage and preserve in ultra-low temperature environment. This process is called “vitrification”. The first successful vitrification case in the world is the brain of an animal, but there are advantages and disadvantages in everything. Although the damage of ice crystals is avoided, the cells may also suffer from dehydration and toxic damage. But it’s not all a problem. It’s also good. First of all, it’s not very expensive. More than 100000 people can freeze their brains, and developing frozen people may be one of the best ways to realize interstellar navigation. Freezing can also prolong the effect of life, keep young forever, and have the opportunity to go to the future.

So many netizens guess that Bedford’s resurrection failed is not unreasonable.

First of all, Bedford’s body was frozen hours after he announced his death, not before. However, the process of death is irreversible, although sometimes cardiac arrest, there will be a golden age can be rescued, but he has missed the golden age, even the most brilliant doctors can not return.

Secondly, at that time, the technology was not developed, and the considerations and measures were not comprehensive. According to the records, the cryoprotectant used by Bedford was the lowest and most primitive. Although it could be preserved in low temperature, the most important brain in the human body could not be protected. Brain damage meant that even if we survived, we would be like a half dead man, lose consciousness and even be unable to act There is no resurrection of brain injury. Besides, we all know that 70% of the human body is water. If it is frozen, the water will freeze, the ice will pierce the cells, and it will not be able to revive. The most important step before freezing is to use cryoprotectant, but Bedford did not use cryoprotectant. He directly froze, and his road to resurrection was even more difficult.

Domestic refrigeration technology experiment

Frozen people exist not only in foreign countries, but also in China. There are already ten frozen people waiting to be “resurrected” in China. The youngest is only 13 years old and is in Shandong Institute of life sciences. Zhan Wenlian, China’s first person to freeze human body, died of cancer. Her family also hopes to see her again in the future and chose freezing. However, with the development of freezing technology, it is impossible to realize the “Resurrection” of frozen people. There is also China’s first frozen person, Du Hong, who voluntarily donates her body to alco, the world’s largest human body freezing institution, and has made great contributions to freezing technology. The main reason why Du Hong can accept freezing is that she is the final judge of the scientific novel “three bodies”. This novel contains the plot of freezing people, which makes Du Hong more bold It’s frozen.

Ethical problems faced by frozen people after their resurrection

Maybe in a few years, we will really achieve the success of the frozen human experiment, but how can those who are “resurrected” after freezing face a new world?

Compared with China 50 years ago, at that time, people were not satisfied with food and clothing, but in 2021, people lived a well-off life and entered a fast-paced 5g era. If the development of the last century was based on ten years, the 21st century may be five years or even faster. So even if those frozen people are really resurrected, they have to contact with a new world, a new culture, a new environment and so on, and they will face problems like “who am I?” Whether I belong to the world.

For the frozen man experiment, on the one hand, whether he can integrate into the new world, on the other hand, whether the new world can accept them. No one can predict what will happen in the future, what people will think about frozen people at that time.

Some people optimistically predict that these incurable diseases will be overcome one by one in a few years. After the resurrection of frozen people, they will have a healthy body. These frozen people will also be welcomed by their offspring. It is more like a family who want to participate in the human freezing experiment. There is no doubt that if these people are resurrected, they will reunite with their families and join their offspring Happy life.

The second situation is not optimistic. After their resurrection, they came to this new world. No one knew them, and they would not know anyone, such as refugees who fled from one country to another. How do they get a foothold in this society and how do they live a normal life? They don’t know what changes have taken place in these years. They don’t know their position in this society. Everything is unknown.

“In a hundred years, society will change a lot,” Callahan said. If you add another 100 years, society will be totally different. The man who came back 200 years ago is almost an alien Some scholars predict that with the progress of our times, the advanced level of our future psychological medicine can completely solve all kinds of psychological problems after the resurrection of frozen people, because human beings have the ability of rapid spiritual recovery. Of course, it’s all prophecy.

Does frozen human break the original ecological balance?

As we all know, birth, aging and death are the natural laws of the human world. If the frozen human experiment is really successful, does it break the original ecological balance of the world? Almost everyone wants to live. Maybe the disease will not be so terrible, and the incurable disease will not become the incurable disease. “A thousand coffins come out of the door, and the family will be prosperous. The son will die before the father, and the grandson will die.” When a coffin is carried out from the door of the house, it is not an unlucky thing. It just shows that it is a reasonable circulation state.

For thousands of years, the human world has relied on reproduction, and it has come down step by step. So the problem of freezing people in the future can really be solved. Will all people with incurable diseases choose freezing? If so, does it break the common sense? Although we don’t want to let the world have diseases and people no longer suffer from diseases, diseases are also a part of human reproduction, which can be said to be an indispensable part. No matter whether its role is positive or negative, we can’t deny that “diseases” really exist in nature. In the future, we can speculate whether people will solve most of the incurable diseases because of cryogenics, but we don’t know what the future will be like.

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