It’s disappointing that scientists have concealed the contents of the successful decoding of alien signals 50000 years ago

In the vast universe, in addition to looking for some planets suitable for future human habitation, human beings have been looking for external life. Many scientists have always believed that, in addition to our earth, there must be alien civilizations with the same civilization and wisdom as human beings on other planets. Perhaps their civilization level is higher than ours.

Since the 1960s, the pace of human exploration of the universe has never stopped. The pursuit of extraterrestrial civilization is the pursuit of scientists all their lives. With the progress of science and technology, the space age is gradually approaching. People try to explore the existence of extraterrestrial civilization with the help of advanced instruments. Especially in recent years, large aperture radio telescope has been built and put into use, it is hopeful to capture more signals from outer space. Where is the alien civilization in such a huge universe?

Due to certain restrictions on human beings, human beings can not intuitively search for extraterrestrial life. They can only use some advanced detection instruments. For example, human beings have launched artificial detectors into outer space many times. Take Voyager 1 for example. Voyager 1 is the only artificial detector farthest from our earth. It has been floating in outer space for more than 40 years, and human beings place their hopes on him But at present, there seems to be nothing about the topic of alien civilization, just like looking for a needle in a haystack!

So people use some radio telescopes again, hoping to receive some signals from space. Sure enough, it’s worthy of millions of people. Long ago, people received a kind of extraterrestrial radio wave, which came from 50000 years ago. However, the received radio wave signal has always been a mystery. Although up to now, most of the signals detected by people are repetitive radio waves, there have been some surprising phenomena, and the signal 50000 years ago is one of them.

Most scientists and astronomers all over the world have participated in the decryption work. After constant research and unremitting efforts, scientists have finally decrypted this mysterious signal. The main contents of the decryption are as follows: the explosion of the fourth universe, which needs support, is located in the twelfth Galaxy! We’re in danger. We need support!

When they finished reading this article, the scientists were very excited, but they were very unhappy after reading this article, because judging from the current technology, it is impossible to know where the fourth universe exists. For human beings, these are unknown. Even if human beings know the fourth universe, how can they support it by themselves? Today, the level of human science is not high enough. If the decoded content is true, it can also prove that there is an alien civilization in the universe. What do you think?

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