It’s like a vision over the city of Brazil, the sky over the city of Maya?

When many people see what happened in 2020, they will think that what happened this year is really extraordinary. Some people even think that 2020 is the precursor of the end. This is also a warning issued by nature to mankind. When we turn on the Internet, we can also search the predictions of many prophets. They think that the extraordinary year 2020 does not mean the end, but a beginning. Some people even think that the Mayan prophecy is about to take effect. What’s the matter?

When we look back at China in 2020, we will find that the probability of natural disasters is too frequent. Compared with previous years, we don’t know how many times larger it is. At the end of 2019, the fire in Australia began to spread. Unexpectedly, in 2020, the fire in California will follow. A global epidemic is also testing human confidence and determination. In addition to these obvious natural disasters. Some time ago, the satellite also captured such a picture. A strange phenomenon suddenly appeared in the sky over Brazil. The cloudless sky had a situation of black clouds pressing the city. It was like the sky was coming with dark clouds, and the sky seemed to fall down.

What’s going on over Brazil?

This happened over the beaches of Brazil, when it was a rest day and many Brazilian residents were playing upstream. In the last second, the sun was still shining high. I didn’t expect that soon the sky would become dark, and large dark clouds would wrap up and narrow at a very fast speed, just like the sky would swallow up the city. The children clamored and scared and ran back home. Some brave adults picked up their mobile phones and photographed this picture. After it spread to the Internet, it caused heated discussion among netizens. Some netizens, after seeing this phenomenon, think that this may be the entrance to the parallel world.

Parallel world?

Although the parallel world is a bridge in science fiction movies, more and more scientists also believe that the parallel universe is real. Perhaps at a certain point in time and space, the phenomenon of parallel world will be reflected in the real world. And the bizarre phenomenon over Brazil may be the entrance to a parallel world. Some people think that this has nothing to do with the parallel world, it is the punishment of nature to human beings. Today, the earth’s environment is facing a situation of imbalance. The global temperature is rising, and a large number of wild animals and resources are on the verge of extinction. This phenomenon over Brazil is the same as that in the doomsday movie. Maybe this is the precursor of doomsday, and mayanming’s prediction is about to take effect.


When netizens were discussing enthusiastically, scientists poured out a basin of cold water after seeing these photos and videos. The anomalies over Brazil appear and disappear quickly, and soon the sky returns to bright sunshine. However, many people are still afraid that they do not know when the next omen of the end of the day will come. Scientists believe that people need not worry too much. This is actually a normal natural phenomenon. This kind of natural phenomenon is called storm cloud, because the probability of occurrence is relatively low, so many people have not seen such a scene. Generally speaking, when the weather changes, storm cloud will also form under certain conditions, giving people a sense of the end of the world.

Although the answer to the question has been solved, scientists still warn us that although the probability of storm clouds is very low, judging from the future situation of the earth, as human beings destroy the natural environment more and more frequently, the probability of these rare natural phenomena will also be higher and higher. Perhaps in the future, the probability of storm clouds will be more and more frequent, If the next time there is a tsunami and earthquake, how can people escape?

Therefore, in order for human civilization to continue, we must also change our inherent cognition and views. Only when we start to protect the environment and the earth’s ecology tends to be in balance, the critical point of the environment will not come and we can live longer. I wonder if you’ve ever seen such a doomsday scene? Welcome to comment area message exchange discussion.

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