Its name is domineering. It has gone through three mass extinctions without extinction, but it was used to feed chickens

The earth is a beautiful planet of life. Born 4.6 billion years ago, the earth is very lucky to have early life 4 billion years ago and become a planet of life. The early life of the earth was born in the ocean. Through continuous evolution and evolution, life forms become more and more abundant, more and more kinds, and more and more advanced.

If you want to ask which period is the most abundant in life, it should be the Paleozoic Shiyan period 300 million years ago. In this period, due to the very good ecological environment of the earth, life erupted and a large number of life forms began to appear. Compared with hundreds of millions of years ago, the number of biological species has decreased by more than 90%. The reason is that the earth has undergone several huge ecological changes.

Every great ecological change will cause a large number of organisms to die out, and the surviving life will continue to evolve. In fact, it can also be said that this is the law of survival of the fittest in nature. Only the most tenacious life can survive through a series of mass extinctions. Some people may say that if there is a life that can survive several times of mass extinctions, it should survive Is it very strong and tenacious?

But in fact, this is not the case. The dinosaurs that ruled the Earth 65 million years ago, 160 million years ago, still did not escape the fifth mass extinction and were finally extinct. But there is a kind of creature, which was born 360 million years ago and has gone through three mass extinctions without extinction, and is still continuing. This creature has a very domineering name called three eyed dinosaur shrimp.

Some people may think that since this creature dares to be called three eyed dinosaur shrimp, it must be the king of shrimp, and it is a very powerful creature. But if you know its other name, you may not think so. Three eyed dinosaur shrimp, scientific name: Jiapeng tachypleus amebocyte, also known as horseshoe tube, wangba cover, dumper, faeces beetle cub, money counting lock and so on, is the only known tachypleus amebocyte found in China. It first appeared in the Carboniferous of Paleozoic 300 million years ago. After three great extinctions of the earth in the century, several strains still exist and are widely distributed all over the world.

Many people may not know the three eyed dinosaur shrimp, but after listening to its folk name, I believe many people already know what kind of life it is. Although it has the word “dinosaur” in its name, it seems a bit domineering, but people who really know it all know that it is a very weak life, and many people use it to feed chickens in rural areas.

I believe many of my friends who live in the countryside have seen it when they were young, because a lot of tachypleus amebocyte will appear in some puddles for a long time. Xiao Bian still remembers that when he was in primary school, the terrain in a corner of the school playground was low. After every rain, a lot of water would be deposited here, and it would not dissipate for several months, so a lot of shrimps would appear in this pool over time.

At that time, Xiao Bian didn’t know the name of this creature. He just went to the pool with other friends after school to catch these strange shrimps, and then took them back to feed the chickens. When I grew up, I happened to see the introduction about this creature on the Internet. I realized that it was originally called three eyed dinosaur shrimp and that it was a very old creature.

The large back shell of three eyed dinosaur shrimp is oval, and its abdomen is slender, soft and flexible. The long tail is forked. The body is about 100 mm long and is divided into about 40 segments, with some leaflike appendages. Some have more than 70 pairs of limbs. Because it has three eyes, black compound eyes on both sides, and a white sensitive eye in the middle. Dinosaur shrimp is because it did not disappear after the dinosaur period, so the name came.

Its survival cycle is relatively short, only a few months or so, but its diapause period is at least 25 years, that is to say, the eggs of three eyed dinosaur shrimp can still hatch in a suitable environment after 25 years. This may be the reason why it can go through three mass extinctions, and it is also the reason why we can often see it in some sedimentary water.

Three eyed dinosaur shrimp is a typical underwater dwelling animal, mainly eating organic debris, or catching small aquatic organisms and their larvae. The eggs of tachypleus amebocyte lysate have strong vitality and are not afraid of drought. When the water in the pond and lake dries up, their eggs will survive for many years and hatch out when there is water.

It can be seen that although the three eyed water lobster has no strong fighting capacity, it is a very weak existence, but its vitality is very tenacious, so it can go through hundreds of millions of years of long years, and those strong fighting capacity creatures have basically disappeared in the mass extinction.

If careful friends review the whole life evolution process of the earth, they will find such a phenomenon: the life that can go through hundreds of millions of years is often relatively weak, such as the three eyed dinosaur, water bear, etc. Water bear is also a relatively old creature, its size is very small, basically invisible to the naked eye. Water bear is the most tenacious life on earth. It can survive in all kinds of harsh environments, and even lay eggs in the vacuum environment of space.

Perhaps seeing this, many people have also found a problem: life with very tenacious vitality is often not very advanced. Yes, the more complex and advanced life is, the weaker vitality is. For example, human beings are intelligent life and advanced life, but human vitality is not strong. All kinds of viruses in animals have no effect on animals, but they can seriously threaten the safety of human beings. For example, the recent emergence of new viruses may be spread from wild animals.

Nature is very fair. It gives human brains with wisdom, but it doesn’t give us strong bodies. And the weak life, although they are at the bottom of the food chain, but they have the tenacious vitality that human beings envy. This may be nature’s fair fraternity, it will not be biased, but any kind of creature, whether it is high-level life, human beings or very low-level microorganisms, will be a bowl of water.

Of course, we should not envy the tenacious vitality of some weak and small life. The brain that nature has given human wisdom is the thing we are most proud of. As long as we have wisdom, we can rely on wisdom to continuously develop science and technology, and constantly change ourselves through powerful science and technology. I believe that with the progress of human science and technology, one day we will master the mystery of life. At that time, through gene technology, human beings can also have very strong vitality.

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