It’s no longer a dream to travel through the galaxy. The human changes after 100 million years are eye opening

In the research cognition of modern science, if life is a universal phenomenon in the universe, then the first generation of civilization in the universe is at least 8 billion years away from today. What is the concept of 8 billion years? If the first generation of civilization has not been extinct, then they have become the super civilization in the universe. Today, the scenes we see in science fiction movies are likely to be more advanced for super civilization than we think. Maybe the world we see today is created by them.

Our earth has only been born for 4.6 billion years, and the time when human beings appeared is very short. It seems that everything just happened in the last minute. Although human beings are still the only intelligent creatures on earth, they can also detect the diameter of the universe 93 billion light-years through instruments. Since the first ape came from a tree to live on the ground, human development is only 10 million years old. If we start with the Australopithecus, it’s only 5 million years old. If we start with Homo sapiens, there are only 200000 years left. From the beginning of the agricultural era, human history is only 10000 years.

However, the real time for the rapid development of modern human science and technology starts from the first industrial revolution more than 200 years ago. From this, we can see that the time when human beings appeared is really short, which is one of the reasons why scientists believe that human beings are only the lowest civilization in the universe, and only 70% of them.

We can assume that human beings can successfully avoid the future mass extinction on earth, and then continue to develop. After another 100 million years, what will human beings look like after 100 million years? What will be the direction of human development? First of all, we need to consider the life span of human beings. At that time, human beings may have achieved the magic trick of immortality. They will no longer be bound by the body, but will become the body of consciousness and travel freely in the universe. Even if there is still a day when life will end, human life will be greatly extended, and will not be trapped in the universe for a long time because of any distance problem.

And then, by that time, humans may have achieved the speed of light, or have exceeded the speed of light, which is not impossible. According to Hawking, in about 200 years, the speed of human beings will reach 40% of the speed of light. In this way, it will be easy for human beings to fly out of the solar system in 100 million years, and the Milky way may be no problem. Or, human beings have long been the overlord of the galaxy, and the galaxy has become the colony of human beings.

And, on many planets, we can see human beings. Of course, 100 million years later, human beings may have discovered extraterrestrial life, and those extraterrestrial civilizations may have communicated and contacted with human beings. In science fiction movies, plots may eventually turn into reality, such as “Star Wars” and so on. We can’t rule out the appearance of those hostile alien civilizations, who will covet the resources that human beings have already mastered.

Before that, many scientists believed that human beings were experiencing a technological explosion. In this century, many things that we could not imagine before would happen. If put in ancient times, people do not believe that they can fly thousands of miles in the sky in the future, and it only takes 1-2 hours to get there. What’s more, ten years ago, we didn’t expect that now we can go around the world without a wallet. Technology and the rapid progress of the times, human over 100 million years, everything is possible!

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