It’s not a coincidence that the human brain evolved wisdom. Scientists: “nature makes people”!

The process of human evolution is long and complex. Due to the sudden change of the earth’s environment, our ancestors can only live on land from trees, and gradually evolved into the way of walking upright. It is this change that human brain and body also began to evolve. Walking upright can not only broaden our horizons, but also conserve energy. Our ancestors’ ability to obtain prey has been improved, and their genes have also been strengthened and gradually come to the fore.

In this evolutionary process, human beings have wisdom, but the whole process is very cruel. After all, from the tree to the land full of fierce creatures, the danger is also greatly increased. The process of human evolution is not achieved overnight, just the change of the body is not enough to evolve a high intelligent life, which means that the ancestors of human beings at that time have been different from primates. It can be said that the emergence of human intelligence is a miracle in the process of evolution. As we all know, the brain only accounts for 3% of the body weight, but the energy consumption has reached 25%.

The reason of brain evolution

This means that if people want to get more prey at that time, they must consume more energy, which is a dilemma. In order to reduce the loss of energy, human beings have evolved the ability to walk upright. Scientists believe that walking upright can save 75% of the energy than crawling on all fours. Therefore, human’s long-distance running ability has been improved, and ultimately the ability to get food has been greatly improved, so that human beings can put more energy and time on reproduction.

At this time, an interesting phenomenon appeared. In the process of evolution, the ability of the brain began to strengthen, and human beings also had emotions, thoughts and consciousness. In order to adapt to changes in the environment, human brain capacity also began to increase, after all, the body’s energy is limited, in order to give brain energy concessions, other organs began to degenerate.

Human evolution

Scientists believe that the evolution of human brain is also related to the environment in which human beings lived at that time. We can think that there were many ferocious large beasts on the land at that time. If human beings could not use brain intelligence to judge the situation, how could they survive in a dangerous environment? It is precisely because of this situation that the human brain has evolved wisdom in millions of years of evolution. With wisdom, human beings have created the ability to use tools. When their hands are liberated, they can spare more time to study other things.

Therefore, scientists believe that the emergence of human intelligence is not a coincidence, all the evolutionary processes are actually complementary, the cruelty of the environment is the human body and brain to make changes, and the brain also strengthens the human perception of the environment, which in turn promotes the brain to change in the direction of planning, thus forming today’s human society. Is this a kind of “nature makes people”?

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