It’s not because of the high level of extraterrestrial life that the search for extraterrestrial life is fruitless. They are not like human beings

Scientists have been fascinated by the exploration of alien creatures for many years, hoping to find the legendary alien creatures. But hundreds of years later, scientists have not found aliens, and have not obtained any effective information about alien life. Why is that?

Human vision has been limited to the earth until the beginning of the industrial revolution, when we can confidently and proudly say that human beings are the most intelligent creatures in the universe. However, after entering the era of science and technology, human beings are surprised to find that the vastness of the universe can not be described in simple words. For the vast universe, the earth is just a tiny dust, which is very unusual. As a result, human beings began to doubt their previous views, and most people began to think that human beings are not the only intelligent creatures in the universe.

To further confirm the existence of extraterrestrial life, scientists have launched Voyager 1, Voyager 2 and other exploration equipment, hoping to find extraterrestrial information in space. However, it is a pity that the scientific community’s exploration of extraterrestrial life once stagnated due to the lack of clear and effective extraterrestrial signals collected by the detection equipment in the past few centuries. Although there are many difficulties in exploring the life of aliens, the resolute scientists do not give up exploration because of the difficulties, and still maintain a strong curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

After a long time of exploration, scientists have become more and more firm in their earlier view: alien life does exist, but humans have not yet found them. So why didn’t humans find a theoretical basis for extraterrestrial life? Scientists made two guesses

First, human beings are unable to find extraterrestrial life, probably because of their low level of civilization, so they are unable to find extraterrestrial life at a higher level for the time being. If so, aliens may have found human beings long ago, but they do not want to contact with human beings, so they try to hide their whereabouts and do not disclose any information about them. Secondly, contrary to the first idea, human beings cannot find extraterrestrial life. This may also be because they have a high level of civilization and are unable to find aliens at a lower level of civilization for the time being.

Which view is closer to reality? Most researchers think this is the first. Why do most researchers think that human beings will not be at a higher level of civilization?

First, in terms of the civilization level of human beings. According to the theory of civilization division put forward by Kardashev, a scientist of the former Soviet Union, if the biological civilization reaches the first level, organisms have the ability to distribute all the energy on the planet. In other words, those who have reached the first level of civilization are the masters of the planet, and they are free to use any resources of the planet. At this level, the civilization level of human beings is obviously lower than level 1, which is about 0.7 according to the estimation of scientists. Moreover, the civilization level of the universe is as high as level 11. For human beings, it is almost impossible for creatures with higher civilization level to appear in the universe.

Second, from the human ability. The skills of modern human beings are indeed much higher than those of ancient people. Now we have the ability to go to heaven, enter the sea, explore space and so on. Although human beings can explore the world beyond the earth, their vision is limited to the solar system. We know nothing about the Milky way, Virgo supercluster and other stars, not to mention other larger and broader stars in the universe. Therefore, in fact, the exploration ability of human beings is still very lacking, and the ability of human beings is not as powerful as imagined.

Look at it in terms of time. The universe was born 13.8 billion years ago and 8 billion years later. The space order tends to be stable. Each star has an external environment conducive to the breeding of life in space. Five billion years ago, the solar system appeared. Another 400 million years later, the earth was born. After the birth of the earth, it finally gave birth to human beings in hundreds of millions of years of growth. In terms of time, there is an interval of about 5 billion years between the stability of the cosmic order and the emergence of human beings, and it is difficult to know what will happen in these 5 billion years. In addition, after the birth of human beings, there may be other stars to give birth to life.

In short, the reason why human beings are unable to find aliens is probably due to their lack of ability. In the future, human beings need to constantly improve their abilities in all aspects. What do you think of it?

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