It’s not good news that the body appeared 46000 years ago due to climate change in the north and south poles

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The earth is a beautiful ecological planet, with a perfect ecosystem, life will be born naturally. Four billion years ago, the early simple life was born. After a long evolution, there is now a life world rich in species, and also the birth of intelligent life human.

In the long evolution of the earth, life is not a sail not smooth, in different periods, the earth has experienced a mass extinction event. At least 80% of the species are extinct each time. In addition to mass extinction, under the law of survival of the fittest in nature, many creatures will also face the threat of death at any time.

Most of these dead creatures have completely disappeared from the earth, while some have been preserved. Nature is a very magical environment. Although it is cruel, it can preserve a part of history for a long time.

It is this natural preservation ability of nature that makes many ancient biological fossils buried underground. By studying these fossils, we can get more information about the life history of the earth and learn more about the secrets of life evolution. Through these secrets, promote the rapid development of human science and technology.

In addition to fossil fossils, there are two places on the earth where paleontological remains can be better preserved: the Antarctic and the Arctic. The north and south poles are the two coldest regions on the earth. Through the extremely low temperature, the paleontological corpses tens of thousands of years ago can be more completely preserved. They have more research value than biological fossils.

Some preserved paleontological corpses, and even we can get some living DNA samples from them. With these samples, we may be able to copy and clone paleontology through genetic technology, so that they can reappear on the earth after tens of thousands of years.

However, due to the extremely low climate in the north and south poles, these paleontological corpses are buried in the permafrost. In the past, it was difficult for scientists to obtain research samples. However, with the rapid development of human industry, a large number of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions, the earth’s temperature is also rising.

Global warming has caused a lot of climate change, and also affected the climate change in the north and south poles. The temperature of the north and south poles is also rising, which leads to the continuous melting of the permafrost. After the melting of the permafrost, the frozen corpses of ancient creatures are constantly exposed.

The north and south poles are huge natural treasure houses of paleontology on the earth. With the continuous warming of global temperature, a number of paleontological corpses are constantly emerging. This year, scientists found a complete biological corpse in the frozen Siberian permafrost. Later, according to the detection, the corpse was a horned lark, and they got the corresponding DNA in the corpse, which is of great significance for studying the changes of biological species on the earth and the last ice age of the earth.

After DNA analysis, this horned lark came from 46000 years ago. With a complete NDA sample, we can compare the current genome of larks, so as to find out the relationship between them and confirm the evolution process of the whole organism.

From a biological scientific point of view, the continuous emergence of paleontological corpses in the north and south poles is indeed a good thing, and I believe many paleontologists are also very happy about it. However, from the perspective of the earth’s ecological climate and human survival, this is not good news. We should know that the continuous emergence of North and South and paleontological corpses shows that the global warming is intensifying, and the climate change in the north and south poles is becoming more and more obvious.

Human industrial emissions make the greenhouse effect more and more serious. Global warming is aggravating, which leads to the rising temperature of the north and south poles. The rising temperature makes the permafrost continuously melt, so is it just the effect of the appearance of paleontological corpses in front of our eyes? Of course not. If it’s just this effect, maybe scientists won’t feel the situation is serious.

What really worries scientists is a series of follow-up effects caused by the continuous melting of permafrost. We need to understand that the deepest permafrost in the north and south poles can reach 1000 meters, and such a deep permafrost is not formed at the same time, but is divided into many layers.

The deeper the area is, the longer the time is, and the longer the biological time is. In addition to a large number of paleontological corpses, the permafrost also contains a large number of methane and carbon dioxide. These two gases are both greenhouse gases, which can cause the greenhouse effect. With the global warming, the permafrost is melting, and a large amount of carbon dioxide and methane will be released.

In recent years, scientists in the Arctic region have repeatedly detected the release of methane and carbon dioxide after the thawing of frozen soil. Seeing this data, scientists are very worried that the current thawing of permafrost is only in the upper layer of the earth’s surface, not deep into the deeper region.

The thawing of frozen soil releases a lot of greenhouse gases, which will aggravate the greenhouse effect again, thus forming a closed cycle. This dead cycle is difficult to control and change, and can only be ended when all greenhouse gases are released. But at that time, the temperature of the earth will rise to a terrible level, and the north and south poles will no longer be cold, but will become a warm place.

These are not the most frightening and worrying things for human beings. Scientists are also worried about the terrible ancient virus. I believe many people worry and fear about the epidemic that has not ended since last year. Microorganisms are the largest life group on the earth. There are also a large number of microorganisms in the human body. They can get along well with human beings.

But a lot of bacteria and viruses in the outside world are not so friendly. They often invade the human body and make us sick. Some serious viruses can even kill us. No matter how the earth’s virus evolves and mutates, we can still work out relevant response plans and vaccines.

However, for the ancient bacteria and viruses tens of thousands of years ago, they are completely different from our current viruses. Once they are released from the frozen soil in large quantities. It may pose a threat to the whole earth’s ecology and a fatal threat to all kinds of organisms and human beings.

In 2003, scientists found an unprecedented deadly virus in Antarctica. At present, no organism has been shown to be immune to this virus. If this virus spreads, it may cause the death of most lives like pneumonia.

In the permafrost of the north and south poles, a large number of paleontological corpses are frozen, and the number of frozen ancient bacteria and viruses is too much to be estimated. With the thawing of the permafrost, some of them may wake up and multiply. I believe many friends have seen doomsday movies like biochemical crisis. The doomsday scenes in the movies are caused by viruses. If the ancient viruses are constantly released from the permafrost, the doomsday scenes in the movies may not be staged in reality.

All this is caused by global warming, which is closely related to human industrial greenhouse gas emissions. If we want to fundamentally solve these problems, we can only rely on science and technology. Only with the rapid development of science and technology and the clean energy such as controllable nuclear fusion, we can completely replace the current chemical energy, so as to make the earth’s ecology better step by step.

In addition to the research on new energy, we also need to work hard to study gene technology. In the event of a terrible virus outbreak in the future, only powerful gene technology can save us. Science and technology can study all the obstacles on the road of human civilization. The premise is that we should have enough strong scientific and technological strength. We are making continuous efforts in this direction.

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