It’s not unusual that there are 10 suicide holy places in the world, but one of them is in China, ranking third in the world

Some people say that life is like a train to the grave. People can’t escape from life, old age, illness and death in this life. Everyone has a day to return to their hometown, or die naturally or by illness or accident. But there are always some people who lose the meaning of life and embark on the road of self termination. The number of these people is large enough to be counted as one of the top ten suicide sites in the country.

According to the World Health Organization’s World Suicide Prevention Day, one person commits suicide every 40 seconds in the world, and about one million people commit suicide every year. At the same time, suicide is the second leading cause of death among adolescents aged 15 to 19. The places that have become holy places for suicide have been alerted by people. Governments of various countries have taken various measures to prevent tragedies, but there are still some people who avoid “persuading the living” to end themselves.

These suicides cast a mysterious veil on these scenic spots and make them more famous. Various media have summed up the top ten scenic spots

Number 10: Colorado bridge in San Diego, USA

The Colorado bridge is 60 meters high. It is reported that no one committed suicide on the bridge except in 1984. From 1972 to 2000, at least one person committed suicide by jumping off the bridge. As a result, the U.S. government has marked the bridge with the slogan of “cherish life”. But these slogans are still of no help to those who are mortal.

No.9: Humber bridge, UK

Humber bridge is also one of the famous suicide bridges, with an average of 7 suicides per year. More than 200 people have committed suicide in more than 30 years since the bridge was opened. Not to mention the people who were rescued, the death toll alone is amazing.

Due to the special geographical location of Humber bridge, the water at the bottom of the bridge is very cold, and the people who jump in are basically frozen to death. In order to protect those who commit suicide, the government has installed obstacles to prevent them from approaching.

No.8: Sunshine viaduct in Florida, USA

Although the name of sunshine viaduct is very sunny, a large number of people still come here to commit suicide by jumping off the bridge. The report says that there are more than nine suicides every year. The bridge now has 7 * 24-hour patrols and multiple “life calls”, even if the number of suicides has not decreased.

No.7: Westgate bridge, Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne West Gate Bridge is the most evil of all bridges. During the construction period of that year, an accident occurred, resulting in the death of 34 workers. It may be affected by the undead who died unjustly. On average, there is an accident every three weeks. What’s more surprising is that 74% of suicides are male. This is reminiscent of the souls of the 34 workers. It also adds mystery to the bridge.

No.6: beech point cliff, UK

Biqijiao cliff has a history of 100 million years. It is a world famous tourist attraction with beautiful scenery. However, more than 20 people still commit suicide in this place every year, which makes biqijiao cliff a famous holy land for suicide.

Fifth place: Niagara Falls on the border of the United States and Canada

Manbu in Niagara is also a famous scenic spot, but about 25 people commit suicide here every year. In the more than 100 years from 1856 to 1995, there were more than 2780 known suicides (due to the age, the actual record may be higher).

NO.4: the cliff of “Soul Valley” in Sydney, Australia

The cliff of “soul breaking Valley” is really worthy of its name. 50 people commit suicide here every year in soul breaking valley. The government’s protective measures can not change the number of people who commit suicide here.

Third place: Yangtze River Bridge in Nanjing, China

Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge is a double deck railway and highway bridge designed and built by China itself. It is of great significance in the history of Chinese bridges and even in the history of bridges in the world. It is an important achievement in China’s economic construction in the 1960s and an important milestone in China’s bridge construction. It is of great economic, political and strategic significance and is known as the “striving bridge”.

This legendary bridge is also one of the holy places for suicide. Although the specific number has not been published, some scholars speculate that since 1968, more than 2000 people have committed suicide here. Now there’s about one suicide every week. The surrounding residents also spontaneously carried out “rescue action”, the most famous of which is Chen Si, whose kindness has also been reported by many media.

No.2: Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, USA

Last year, just 80 years old, the Golden Gate Bridge is a landmark of San Francisco. But it is famous for more than 1500 suicides in the world, ranking second in the world. On average, there is a suicide incident every two weeks. In the history of the Golden Gate Bridge, 45 people jumped the bridge in 1995, which added a layer of terror to the Golden Gate Bridge.

No.1: Aoki Hara Shuhai, Mount Fuji, Japan

Ranked first in the world is Japan’s Aoki Hara Shuhai forest, which is the only difference from other suicide sites. Many people here hang themselves. Even though the government has marked a lot of slogans to cherish life in the forest, because the special landscape is not easy to recognize, there is no way to stop people who have the idea of death. More than 100 people commit suicide every year.

The world’s top ten suicide holy places have become famous for suicide, but they also make dark clouds everywhere. Although the local governments of various countries have taken various measures, they still can’t stop suicide. Psychologists think that most of these people choose to commit suicide in one of the top ten holy places because of romantic psychology, but others think it is a supernatural event. Xiaobian thinks that no matter what the reason is, people should cherish life!

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