It’s time for human beings to wake up. The three disasters in the future are more terrible than the extinction of dinosaurs!

It’s time for human beings to wake up. The three disasters in the future are more terrible than the extinction of dinosaurs!

The extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago is shocking. Even scientists can’t explain the main reason why dinosaurs disappeared overnight. They can only speculate. As we all know, the earth is the common home of all living things. During this period, we experienced many mass extinctions. Fortunately, human beings have gradually become the leader of the earth. Along with the passage of time, today’s ecosystem has become more and more complex, many different creatures are breeding, and the level of science and technology has improved, which makes human beings realize the dream of flying into the sky.

In these billions of years of evolution, the earth’s environment has undergone great changes, and there have been all kinds of accidents. Fortunately, human beings have resolutely survived. Compared with the time when the earth was born, the development of human civilization is insignificant. However, scientists have made great achievements in these short hundreds of years. The difference between human beings and other creatures is that human beings have the consciousness of independent thinking, and can create things through their brains and hands, becoming a special higher life on the earth. Many people have a kind of confusion. Will such a powerful human face the risk of extinction? Scientists have made three guesses based on the state of the earth.

First of all, if the future artificial intelligence is not controlled properly, it is likely to dominate the earth. After the rise of artificial intelligence, science and technology has become more and more developed. It has always been a potential threat. However, many scientists are still studying it. They have to admit that artificial intelligence can help human beings achieve real technological breakthroughs and open up a new era. Unfortunately, there are many disadvantages in this big technology. At present, it needs human control to operate. If one day it gets rid of human control, it can be used later If it is unimaginable, it may manipulate human beings, and human beings are not its opponents at all.

Secondly, global warming is a serious problem. Now the earth has entered the ice age for many times, and every time it enters, it will cause the vast majority of organisms to be extinct. Global warming will lead to the melting of glaciers, many organisms will be homeless, in addition, it will lead to the rise of sea level and the eruption of volcanoes, which will threaten human beings. If it goes on like this for a long time, human beings will become homeless It’s dangerous. Only through research can scientists know that all of these are human evils.

The last one is the impact of asteroids. The dinosaurs died out 6500 years ago. Many people speculate that it was the impact of asteroids on the earth that caused the extinction overnight. Each asteroid has its own way of operation. However, some planets will get out of their orbits and have a chance to crash into the earth. The earth is often hit by some asteroids. The consequences of each impact are self-evident, so we should pay special attention to them.

Scientists speculate that these three major problems are currently faced by human beings. Although human beings have become the leader of the earth, compared with nature, human beings are so weak that we can only protect the earth within our ability, so that human beings can survive for a longer time. What risks do you think the future human beings will have? You can leave a message for interaction.

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