Its vitality is very tenacious, nuclear weapons are helpless, is expected to become the first batch of Martian residents

Since the big bang, with the expansion of the universe, countless kinds of celestial bodies have been born, and other more magical things have also been born. In many things, the birth of life is undoubtedly the most mysterious event in the universe.

Maybe in the eyes of human beings, the earth is a life planet with rich species, and life is not so mysterious. But when we go out of the earth and explore extraterrestrial life, we find that life is too rare and mysterious in the universe. Human beings have spent more than half a century to explore extraterrestrial life by various methods, but up to now, we have not found any Even simple microbes have not been found.

Therefore, life in the universe must be very rare. Since life is so magical and mysterious in the universe, is the survival ability of life very tenacious? If we put it on human beings and most creatures, we will find that life seems very fragile. For example, although human beings are the overlord of the earth and intelligent life, human bodies are very fragile, and there are many things that can easily take away our lives.

Maybe many people think that no matter how powerful a creature is, it has to bow its head in front of water and fire, and throw it into space, it can’t live. Is the vitality of life really so weak? Is there a creature that can be called invincible, not afraid of fire, not afraid of water, not afraid of radiation, and can’t kill if you want to? At this time, it is estimated that someone will say, is there such a life?

In fact, scientists didn’t believe that there would be such a creature in the past, but later the discovery of a creature changed people’s view. This kind of creature is the water bear worm, a so-called invincible creature. It can’t be frozen or burned. Even the strong radiation of nuclear weapon explosion can’t help it.

Many people may not have heard of the water bear. The reason why many people have not heard of it is that it is too small to be seen only under a microscope or a magnifying glass.

If you see this little creature under a microscope, you don’t feel scared, you think it’s a little cute. Yes, the water bear is not ugly. It is called water bear because it is a general term for Tardigrada. There are more than 900 species of water bear recorded, and most of them are distributed worldwide.

Water bear has a strong vitality, it can survive in a variety of environments, so it is widely distributed in the world, whether in soil or plants, or cold, high temperature, hypoxia and high radiation environment, you can see the trace of water bear. The water bear was once seen in the Himalayas at an altitude of 6000 meters, and its footprints were also found in the deep sea below 4000 meters.

Moreover, even in the case of extreme lack of food, the water bear worm can survive for more than 10 years, and scientists have also done experiments in space, putting the water bear worm in the space environment, it can still survive and lay eggs normally. The existence of such powerful and magical creatures on the earth excited scientists for a moment. For astronomers, water bears are the best alien colonial life. So someone thought of immigrating water bears to Mars and becoming the first residents of Mars.

Depending on the super survival ability of water bear, there is no big problem for it to survive and reproduce on Mars. Perhaps after the water bear has multiplied in large numbers on Mars, it can continue to change the living environment of Mars and make it develop in the direction suitable for human survival.

For biologists, more is to explore why the water bear has such a strong vitality, especially its ability to survive in the ultra-low temperature, strong radiation, vacuum state in space. If we can solve the secret of the super vitality of water bear, we may be able to find a way to adapt to the space environment, which will play an important role in the future human space exploration or alien migration.

We should know that the space environment is very harmful to the human body, whether it is a variety of cosmic radiation or vacuum environment, it will have a greater impact on human health. As a result, astronauts will not be able to survive and work in space for a long time, and the future alien immigrants will also have a great impact. You should know that although there are many planets very similar to the earth in the vast universe, it is basically impossible to find planets with the same environment as the earth.

No matter how similar the planet is to the earth, it will be different from the earth in many ways. For example, the gravity is much larger or smaller than the earth, the thickness of the atmosphere is much thicker than the earth, and the atmosphere of the planet is much larger than the earth. If it is based on the present physical quality of human beings, as long as there is one item in the environment that is very different from the earth, it may not be suitable for human survival.

Only when the physical quality of human beings is stronger, can we adapt to all kinds of planetary environment, such as Mars, which is not suitable for human survival. But if we have part of the tenacity of the water bear, we can meet the needs of human survival after a simple transformation of Mars.

Therefore, some scientists began to carry out various researches on the genes of water bear, hoping to realize the fusion of water bear genes with human genes in the future, so as to strengthen the survival ability of human body. Of course, it’s not easy to achieve this. We need to make greater breakthroughs in gene technology.

Through the understanding of water bear, we have a new understanding of life. In particular, we have a new understanding of human’s search for extraterrestrial life. In the past, we have been searching for extraterrestrial life under various conditions. We think that there can be no life on the planet with extremely bad environment, such as purgatory planet like Venus.

However, the discovery of water bear has changed our mind. If the earth is so warm and perfect, the planet of life can give birth to the incredible tenacious life of water bear, will the bad planet like Venus also give birth to stronger special life? This possibility is not entirely absent. Besides Venus, the environment on Mars is much better than that on Venus. Does Mars also have tenacious microorganisms like water bear? Anything is possible.

With the increasing of human cognition of the universe and life. Let us feel more and more that the universe may not be lonely, and human beings may not be lonely. In the vast universe, life may be a universal thing, but intelligent life like human beings is relatively rare. In the vast universe, it is also possible to give birth to more tenacious life, and even some life may be born in the space, relying on the energy of the universe to survive.

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