I’ve been cheated by Shenju for so long. After reading these five dynamic pictures, I know the truth of bullet power!

Scientists have shot tens of millions of bullets, studied them countless times, and recorded all kinds of data of bullets in high-speed motion, such as the impact of the needle on the bullet, the ignition of the gunpowder in the bullet, the initial velocity of the bullet just coming out of the gun, the acceleration obtained in flight, the flight trajectory and the huge energy obtained in flight, the force and instant generation when the bullet hits the target High energy heat until the flight power is exhausted and the movement stops landing.


1. The bullet penetrated the steel plate. The hardness of the steel plate can be imagined. It looks like snow here.

2. The bullet broke the water ball, and four water balls exploded rapidly in a row. It can be seen that the speed of the bullet is very fast.


3. When the bullet burst the milk cup, the glass was smashed like milk and splashed everywhere?


4. The watermelon was smashed to pieces by a bullet. Did you feel the pain?

5. The bullet goes through the ketchup bottle. No protection can stop the bullet from hitting.


Why is a small bullet so powerful? The diameter of a bullet’s warhead is not very big, the length is not very long, it’s only a few centimeters, and the weight is only a few grams to dozens of grams. Why is it so powerful?


This depends on the firing principle of the bullet: when the needle is fired, the propellant is ignited, and the combustion of the gunpowder leads to the increase of the internal pressure of the cartridge case. The bullet gets out of the cartridge case and squeezed into the liner, and starts quickly. The bullet moves forward at a very high speed under the action of high temperature and high pressure gas. The initial speed is very fast, and immediately accelerates to several times of the sound speed. The bullet gains extremely high energy in high-speed motion, and the faster the speed is The higher the energy, and when the high-speed movement meets obstacles, it will produce the inertia of the organism to convert energy, and the bullet will instantly enlarge the weight of a thousand times, causing huge destructive force to hit the target, easily breaking through all obstacles.

It turns out that the TV is full of deception. Few people can continue to fight tenaciously after being hit by a bullet, because the moment the bullet is put into the body, the wound has shown explosive damage, and the huge pain makes people instinctively numb and blank, even Yingxiong is not immune!

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