Japan has developed high-end intelligent robots, known as “smart girlfriends”, which can have different personalities

We now live in an era that changes with each passing day. The speed of scientific and technological progress seems to step on the accelerator, leaving people a daunting figure. Even the elders in the family always say that they are more and more confused about your young people’s world. They can’t walk out of the house and don’t understand anything. It’s totally different from the age we live in. Indeed, we do live in a happy era. There is no long march, no hail of bullets. From before, as long as we can eat enough to now, we are gradually striving to prove our value, which proves that this is an era where everything is possible.


In recent years, people pursue convenient and fast life, the market of artificial intelligence is gradually expanded, and more people begin to pay attention to it. Now artificial intelligence can be said to be everywhere, has already penetrated into our lives, enjoying the fast and convenient feeling, and even we may have ignored their existence. From the mobile phones, computers, household appliances and so on that we use now, all are full of artificial intelligence.

Today, artificial intelligence is so developed that countries all over the world are vigorously supporting R & D. China also attaches great importance to artificial intelligence, and vigorously develops it. Although the domestic intelligent technology advances rapidly, it is still slightly inferior to the intelligent technology power. Japan has always been a powerful country in the research and development of intelligent technology, and the research and development technology of intelligent robots in Japan is much ahead of China. Japan has been at the forefront of the world in the research and capture of intelligent robots, and has its own unique ideas and opinions.


In order to cater to today’s society, which is generally single and otaku, Japan has developed an intelligent robot. This robot not only has a very intelligent system, but also can have a simple daily conversation with its owner. It has lifelike facial features and rich facial expressions like human beings. Even the clothes on its body are imitations of people’s fashionable dressing style, and even even even the appearance The touch and temperature of the body are as lifelike as real human beings. If you close your eyes, you will never think that this is a robot.


And the most amazing thing about this artificial intelligence robot is its performance. In addition to meeting people’s requirements, this intelligent robot also has amazing learning ability. It is not only good at multiple languages, but also has a variety of different personality traits, such as innocence, loveliness, sexiness, indifference, enthusiasm and so on, which can be changed at will. And this kind of artificial intelligence robot can constantly upgrade through communication. After a long time together, it will more and more adapt to its master, and its personality will match better.

The learning speed of intelligent robots is much faster than that of human beings. They grow very fast, have human appearance and even understand people’s psychological activities. In the future, they may have their own ideas, which is also the development direction of intelligent robots. Although artificial intelligence has saved a lot of time and brought a lot of convenience for today’s society, human beings should also pay attention to it and control it in the process of creation, because according to the development of today’s intelligent technology, one day in the future, human beings will be mechanized, and machines will be more humanized.

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