Japan has done a great thing! Scientists have discovered a kind of microorganism, which may benefit human beings!

In recent decades, human living standards have changed dramatically. We have enjoyed the convenience of the intelligent society. With the development of economic level, the earth environment is also facing a severe situation. According to the statistics of scientists, the amount of waste produced by human beings is as high as hundreds of millions of tons every year. In some coastal areas, you can often see large pieces of garbage piled on the beach. Some pieces of garbage have reached the bottom of the sea, and the garbage and the corpses of marine organisms floating on the sea. This picture is really shocking.


Global environmental situation

The takeaway industry is developing vigorously, and disposable packaging boxes can be seen everywhere. Plastic is indecomposable. Among the numerous plastic wastes, the proportion of recyclable plastic is less than 30%, which is enough to show how severe the environmental situation facing the earth is. In order to solve the problem of plastic pollution, various countries are formulating relevant protection policies. Banning the use of disposable plastic straws in fast food restaurants has been implemented immediately in China. Scientists have been looking for biodegradable materials. Whether supermarkets can replace plastics is a long process. Just a while ago, Japan made a big global sensation. If this plan can be successfully implemented, it will benefit all mankind.


The discovery of Japanese scientists


It turns out that Japanese scientists have discovered a kind of microorganism. After cultivation, this kind of microorganism can completely decompose the plastic in less than one and a half months at 30 ℃ indoor temperature. Generally speaking, it will take at least 20 years or even longer for a plastic bag to be completely decomposed. If this kind of bacteria found in Japan can decompose plastic in less than two months, it will greatly improve the current problem of plastic pollution, and human living environment will return to normal.

Although many countries have also recycled garbage, there are still a few garbage that can be recycled. There are still a large number of garbage exposed to the ground. After long-term exposure to sunlight, greenhouse gases such as methane will be released. If we all know that the source of global warming in the past will be a vicious cycle of global warming, and we will not be able to recycle a lot of greenhouse gases.


Impact of plastic pollution on human beings


This is not the only drawback. A large number of plastic debris has entered the marine ecosystem. Many fish have lost their lives because of eating plastic debris by mistake. The surviving fish will become something in the belly of human beings. After layers of links, these plastic debris will finally enter the human body in the first quarter, and it is human beings who will pay for it.

It can be said that in terms of garbage disposal, Japan has done a better job. They have a strict classification system for garbage. If this technology of Japan can be popularized, it will greatly solve the environmental problems, not only improve our living environment, but also make a qualitative leap for human civilization. What do you think?

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