Japan has stored 50000 tons of pure water in the kilometer underground, believing that miracles will happen, and waiting for 20 years!

Deng Xiaoping once said that “science is the first productive force”, and it is very appropriate to put this sentence today. In today’s society, the vigorous development of science and technology leads all industries to go hand in hand. Every breakthrough in science and technology is followed by the prosperity of economy, the rapid development of production technology and the great leap of people’s happiness, as well as the major reform of the whole society. The importance of science and technology for each country is self-evident. Nowadays, countries all over the world also vigorously promote the development of science and technology, attach great importance to it, support scientists’ experiments and scientific research, and make contributions to small countries and all mankind.


When it comes to scientists, we may have the impression that they are authoritative, crazy and incomprehensible, because their love for science is astonishing. In history, not only are there many famous big scientists, but most of them have spent their time in repeated battles and defeats in order to verify their experiments. Their attitude of forgetting to eat and sleep and their spirit of never giving up are also very admirable. I heard that Japanese scientists have also done a very “Crazy” thing.

Located in East Asia, Japan is a highly developed capitalist country. It has always attached great importance to the development of science and technology, and its comprehensive level of science and technology is also among the best in Asia. Japan attaches great importance to education to lay a good foundation for the future development of science and technology, so there are many scientific research talents in Japan. In Japan, the University of Tokyo has launched a research project to find neutrinos in the universe. Neutrino is a kind of lepton, which is of great scientific research value and is being studied all over the world, but it is very difficult to capture, which makes scientists work hard. Neutrinos can easily come and go through the earth freely, and the speed is very close to the speed of light. In order to capture the mysterious neutrinos, Japan has stored a full 5 tons of water in the kilometer deep underground, waiting for the moment when neutrinos pass through the water. Because only huge water without any impurities can see this scene. Japanese scientists have made it continuously purified. They have arranged more than 10000 photoelectric multipliers around it and installed a large neutrino detector, which is called “super Shengang detector”. As soon as neutrinos pass through the earth, these pure water will appear abnormal phenomena immediately.


Earlier, some Japanese scientists felt the shock of neutrinos, but they never succeeded in capturing them. However, they also confirmed the authenticity of neutrinos. And some scientists in the Antarctic region of the earth, under the thick ice, witnessed that moment and confirmed the existence of neutrinos. That’s why we have this experiment done by Japanese scientists, and then we watch it 24 hours a day. Any disturbance will be recorded immediately. Scientists are looking forward to the moment of witnessing the miracle. Who would have thought that after 20 years of waiting, we haven’t been able to witness that moment.


Science has no national boundaries. Scientists are painstakingly studying and experimenting, and their attitude and spirit are touched by people. The China we are forming today is also inseparable from the efforts of every serious and rigorous scientist who is unknown and unknown behind us.

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