Japan launched the toilet revolution, portable tents, so that you no longer embarrassed in public places

Toilet as a common article in people’s daily life, has been inseparable from people. But we all know that the toilet can’t move at will, it can only be fixed in a certain place. But people have three urgent problems, which can’t be controlled. For example, there are traffic jams on our expressways. It’s very troublesome during the small and long holidays, but this situation can only be suppressed on the crowded expressways. But this kind of thing is not to go to the island countries in the forefront of toilet development.


Recently, the island country with big brain holes has invented a portable toilet that can be carried around, which specially solves the problem that people do not have a toilet when they go out.

Yes, it’s such a small bag, but this bag contains six parts, which can be combined to form a toilet at any time. It is convenient for us to solve the problem of no toilet outdoors.


First, the bag contains a C-shaped cushion, four lightweight aluminum tubes, a lightweight canvas tent, a garbage bag, coagulant, and a water bag. When using, install four light aluminum tubes on the C-shaped cushion, cover the garbage bag, and then assemble the tent.


That’s what it looks like when it’s assembled. But it’s worth reminding you that when using this portable tent, you should find a leeward place. Because the material is too light, it will be blown away.

However, we have to say that the island design can really solve a big problem, providing convenience and paying more attention to hygiene. Are you interested in such a good design?


This article is the original work of Cui Paopao, the author of Jiujian


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